Monday, August 21, 2006

Things that stir my heart...

I went over 24 hours without turning on my computer. I can hardly believe it myself! A whole day without writing on or reading other blogs.
In that time, I snapped a lot of pictures. I am learning that I can get some great pictures of my kids when I snap them individually versus trying to get more than one kid to do what I like. Basically I am learning that doing anything with them- four little ones against me, is a challenge. So, the one-on-one time or using candy as a bribe seems to be working well around here. =)
Those four smiling faces can make me look deep inside and say, 'I'm not worthy'. I still remember saying over and over again, "I'm never having kids", and now look at me. I've been blessed more than I should ever have been through them.
Music. I have loved music my whole life. My mom claims I used to sing hymns in their entirety even as young as age four- in my sleep. =) Funny. Chip never claims to hear me singing in the night these days. But, I still sing-everyday. I sing with the radio in the car. I crank cd's and belt out songs at dinner with my kids (my poor neighbors during the summer months). I sing in my head when words come to mind. I sing with my eyes open or shut. I love all sorts of music, but find inspirational songs stir my heart.
Last night, Brock and I went out on a date. Just Brock and me. It was a gorgeous night and so we headed downtown Grand Haven and took in the fresh air and sat in the second row while we watched 'Selah' in concert. From old hymns to 'God bless the broken road' to Dolly Pardon's 'Coat of many colors' was awesome. We had time to save our seats and grab a little something at the Dairy Treat before it all started. Nothing like letting your kid know that you love spending time with him, enjoying a Maui flurry (Hello, Coconut! What did you think I'd order?) and taking in the sights of the boats on the waterway with uplifting music touching my soul.
I didn't even miss my blog yesterday. As for my email...I see I am getting way behind in responding to some of my 'new fans'. My apologies. I have read all of the notes up til 5:00 pm tonight, and usually I try to drop a reply right back at ya. I've had some Scrapper of the Year stuff that's kept me busy the past few days as well, so that is partly why I seem to have slipped.
If you don't hear from me and you'd really like to, drop me another email in the next day or two as a reminder. That way I'll see that you really ARE a fan. =)
In the meantime, I hope that you take time in your week to think about or enjoy some of the little things in life that stir your heart. All you have to do is look around or within yourself. Surely if you stop and think about it, there is more than enough in your life to make your heart sing!


Becky said...

what great pic`s. the time goes by so fast. my oldest had his first day of college today. I called to ask him how it went but he was busy. it was raining so he had to go play football. I understand, in Tx we`ve had temps over 100 forever. the rain called his name I`m sure!

Carrie said...

They are all so beautiful, Jody. Loved seeing these pictures. :)

shawnna said...

WOW great pics
what kind of candy are you using

my daughter is pretty easy but my son --- Well --- let's just say i haven't found the type of candy he likes enough to cooperate with the camera ;)

Portia said...

My heart's singing because I found the Caribou Coffee granola bars at Wal*Mart... clear over here in Oregon! Can't wait to try them! I never would have bought them had I not seen them on your blog. Think they'll pay you for your advertising??? ;)

Portia in Oregon

Cris said...

I LOVE the pics! You have very beautiful children.

Sounds like you and Brock had a good time. My husband takes my oldest out on dates every once in awhile to the movies. She absolutely loves it and it gives them a chance to bond. And it's moments like those that they'll remember for a life time.

Kari said...

I got on the computer just to balance my checkbook. Tomorrow is my birthday and I need to get to bed as I have a full day and night ahead of me...however...I could not resist pulling up your blog. I'm a Nitty.Gritty addict - I never knew how much your blog stirs my heart! The photos are absolutely AMAZING and STUNNING!


annette said...

Jody, your children are so darling...and the poses were so natural.

I am hooked on your Nitty Gritty and read you several times a day...I am in a different season of life than you yet, I learn from your words and realize I still have very much to learn.

Your taking Brock on a date is so precious...your children are blessed with you as their mother..

Hey, I bougth the coconut Coffee Mate and have fixed it cold and used in my morning coffee...thanks for the tip.

jackie carl said...

The kids are so adorable.
Thanks for letting us get a good glimpse of all 4 of them.

You & Chip certainly are blessed.

Jackie Carl
Marion, IN

deene said...

Great pics Jody! Love that you focused in on eyes. Very importante! I'm learning that in my 16 week photography class. I should be an expert when I'm done, right?

Janna said...

Oh man! I wish I would have known that Selah was going to be performing in Grand Haven. I so would have been there! (I live in Holland.) But I'm so glad you made it and could go with your son. How cool! :) I hope that if I ever have kids, I remember to do special one-on-one things with them. That is definitely a sweet way of letting your children know how much they are loved and valued. :)

aimee said...

You are a wonderful photographer and you have beautiful subjects to work with! :)

Very sweet that you and Brock had a date. I know he will remember those dates when he is older!

CathyVal said...

The pictures of the kids are beautiful!!!! Way to go on the candy solution... I must try that with my step-son, he pulls alot of grumpy faces!

Janna said...

You're kids are so cute. :) Your pictures capture their childhood well! I wish my parents had pictures like this of me when I was little. :) These will be so fun to look back on in future years! :)

Lisa S. said...

This sounds silly but do you mean Grand Haven Michigan? I'm assuming so since you live up there! We spent a week there over the fourth of July at the Franklin House and FELL IN LOVE with that area! We will be back next year over the fourth! Love it there!