Friday, June 30, 2006

Home again.

I can now return to my "regular scheduled programs". The family and I are back home from our stay in Minnesota, logging hundreds of miles in the car and a round-trip boat ride via the Lake Express Ferry out of Muskegon.
If you had been in the seat next to me on the last leg of the ferry ride last night you would have heard me say such things as, "We have too many kids" and "this is probably the last time our family is allowed to ride the ferry." But, we made it back home safely, a little bit ragged around the edges and needing some long hot baths and naps, but home nevertheless. It feels good.
We had a great time with all our family and even brought one home with us. =) Cousin Aly is here in Michigan for the next couple of weeks. She's been a big help and fun to have along with us already.
Tonight I'm thinking of pulling out the big malt glasses for a round of Coke floats in memory of the last time Teagan had one with Chip... five years ago today. It's fun for the kids, and it helps me to stay connected to my happy memories of life with Teagan. I know I posted this scrap layout not too long ago, but it just seems fitting to post again today. Maybe it will inspire you to make a meaningful, fun memory with someone you love today too. Simply because you have today, and it's important to enjoy living in the moment. We often take the little moments in life for granted. I've learned that those are the moments that matter most!


Kris said...

This is such a sweet layout, Jody. And what a special memory to have and celebrate! Thanks for sharing. :)

shawnna said...

you always seem to need a vacation after you have been on VACATION --

i love this lo -- you could post it everyday and i would still come back to read it over and over --

Anonymous said...


Great layout! And, I think that it is GREAT that you involve your kids in remembering Teagan. My husband was 4 when his eight month old sister passed away suddenly after meningitis. To this day his parents will not talk about her, or put her pictures out. I wish, for his sake, that his family would honor her memory. I know that he still thinks about her and remembers her. I think that he would be comforted to know that his parents do, too.

Thanks for sharing Teagan's life with all of us. And thank you for acknowledging that you have four children "underfoot" and one in heaven.

Alpharetta, GA

Crafty P said...

welcome home!

Cris said...

I agree we do sometimes take the little things for granted. Thanks so much for the reminder.

Welcome home.

Suzelle said...

Welcome home Jody :))))

Such a sweet layout and memory.....

Jenny said...

I am having a coke float today, a day late, but honoring Teagan so her memory will go on!

That layout made me cry last time you posted too!

Welcome Home!

Joyous said...

Oh Jody, your stuff is so cute!!
Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your story of your family and of Teagan, and helping us to remember to treasure the moment.


Karen in Toronto