Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Just checking in.

I'm still here. Still on "vacation" in Minnesota toting the kids around the Twin Cities and hoping they are soaking up this time with extended family. It always goes so quickly and there are more things we wish we could do and see. It makes part of me wish I lived closer and then the other part realizes how much I enjoy where I currently reside. And even though we don't live that far away from here, it's funny to me how I am definitely hearing a "Minnesota accent" now that I've been away for awhile. I should go rent the movie "Fargo" now and see what I think about the characters.
That'll have to wait, because I don't have 2 hours of freetime. And if I did have freetime, I'd probably rather scrap a new layout. =)


stephanie said...

vreading your family vac. posts made me make plans...headed to AZ for family time this weekend...Got lots of crafty stuff to work on but am just gonna take it with! okay, last I checked, you were not a scrapper...and look how it all works! I still have pics from my son's 7th bday with the purple T candle on his cake ...if you want, I will send you copies...makes for a great page and even better Journaling! lovin your scrappin! Hope all is well with you! still love love love your blog! enjoy the rest of your trip!

Cris said...

LOL about the accent comment. Reminds me when I went down to Kentucky to visit my dad a few years back on Labor Day Weekend. I was only there 2 days and I had already picked up that southern accent. I spent the entire 10 hour drive home trying to get rid of it so I didn't get teased when I got back home. LOL.

Enjoy the rest of your vacation. :)

Shelly said...

sounds like you are having a fun, relaxing vacation!!!