Monday, May 15, 2006

To my Number One Fan~

I got a phonecall from my Number One Fan the other night. How great is that?! I answered the phone and heard, "Hi Jody. I just got done reading your lastest blog post and had to call and tell you that I'm your biggest fan."
It was my mom.
It made my day. Actually it's still making my day when I stop and think about it- so I guess it's making my week.
How about you? Do you have a number one fan? Someone that loves and supports you and gets excited about you when you simply share your thoughts, ideas, concerns and dreams? Who would miss you most in life if something unexpected happened and you were gone? Would you leave a hole in the lives of other people? Would there be a void that just made others realize that they had something really great- but didn't realize how great, until now?
I hope you are living that kind of life. One where you are adding something really wonderful to the lives of people around you. One where, even though you may have moments in which you aren't at the top of your game, people still want you on their team. They want to be a part of your life. They miss you when you aren't around. They look forward to the next time you're all together. I hope you are living a life that is consistently making you and/or those around you better people.
I am proud of the fact that my Mom will admit to being my biggest fan. We've not always seen things on the same page. Sometimes we've been each other's biggest critic. Oh yeah. I've not always earned her respect and adoration. So, to hear her say that she loves who I have become in life is a really wonderful compliment, and it's humbling too. I have to admit one tiny thing though; I've had some really great role models (yes, Dad...I typed models-plural- meaning you too). I've learned from the best.
I hope in writing all of this that I haven't disappointed some of you other great people out there in Nitty.Gritty. land. I suppose I could make more than one "Nitty.Gritty's. Biggest Fan" t-shirt and let you all think you're the one. Or I could hold a mini-online competition. But I think in the end there would be no doubt. My mom would win. Happy Mother's Day [yesterday]. I've been one to celebrate this day for more than 24 hours. As any mom out there knows, we certainly don't need an excuse or explanation to justify celebrating motherhood for more than a day. We've earned the right to stretch this holiday into a weeklong celebration, wouldn't you all agree?!


Anonymous said...

My number one fans are my sisters. They're always excited for me. My oldest dd is also my number one fan (she tells me) and I'm hers.

You always have the greatest posts.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately for too many, having a number one fan has not so much to do with the life they are living as with the cards they've been dealt where people in their life are concerned. I know people who have every right and reason to expect Mom or Dad to be their Number One Fan, and yet, one or both is totally disinterested in their lives.

But I'm glad your mom appreciates you. You are lucky.

stephanie said...

whats with the second comment? am I misunderstanding it? Pay it forward sister! The unhappy need to be drowned in goodness & love too! How about "Make the most of what you have"...God only gives us as much as we can handle...arghhh!

okay back to why I am posting, so how about for me, No. 2...I will take seconds behind mom!

Anonymous said...

I wish my mom would call and say she is my number one fan. I know she loves me very much but it must have been great to have your mom tell you that. ~ signed Joy