Saturday, May 13, 2006

Life's simple goodness.

I uploaded these pictures in a more orderly fashion, but blogger just randomly posts them here. Anyway, this is just a fun post of some of the simple, good things that I have been fortunate to be a part of during the past 24 hours. (Lucky me! This isn't even all the pictures; I could have shown you more.)
As you see here, we indulged in some hot-n-now Krispy Kremes. I totally ignore all calories or fat grams involoved with these glazed and creme filled babies, and just enjoy every ounce of sweet sensation! Yum-o. My kids woke up to a couple of dozen original and assorted donuts. To top it off, they each had a paper hat to wear- the mood was one of delight. It was almost "Christmas morningish". And we wonder where we get the whole food/emotions connection in life. Hello?! Fattening, sugary-glazed donuts make people happy. It's a simple fact of life. I'm all for eating food to make one happy as long as it's done in moderation.
Another picture here is of Chip and me. We went out on a date last night and fell in "like" with one another all over again. =) Really. I used to tell Chip when we were dating that I was in "like" rather than love with him. I think it more accurately expressed my feelings. I was not one of those kind of girls to scribble love, love love all over my notebooks as a kid. Back to last night, Chip opened the door for me when I "let" him, and that kind of stuff. He had a surprise for me when we hopped in our Benz. He pressed play on the CD player and pulled out the new album released by Nick Lachey. I watched bits and pieces of Nick talking about the making of this CD and all the struggles he has had in life and how all the songs express his feelings of losing Jessica and so on and so on. I was feeling so badly for him and the hurt that appeared so real on camera. I thought his lyrics were right on the money. So last night, I got the CD- which meant Chip was thinking of me when I wasn't even with him at some point during the past few days. That is always a sweet thought. My hubby- being thoughtful! Oh yeah...I was definitely falling back in like with him.
He let me "be myself " out in public with him at my side. I was in rare form. I am still enjoying the "high" from getting a new CD (sidenote here: I NEVER buy music CD- so that makes it all the more indulgent for Chip and me!), enjoying dinner out with my hubby, eating Krispy Kremes right off the conveyor belt, and taking pictures of my kids being happy eating their donuts.
Life is all about the simple goodness. Look around and enjoy it in your own little world!


Brad said...

The pics of your kids in the Krispy Kreme hats are too cute!!

manababies said...

Yum! I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day!

Suzanne said...

Sounds wonderful...the Krispy Kreme's, the happy kids, the date night, the cd... you are blessed!

Shawnna flipflopmom said...

Happy Mom's Day -- Looks like it was YUMMY

mommygoingcrazy said...

Oh I love doughnuts and date nights. Very cool! Also I feel for Nick too. I love his new album. You are one lucky lady! Happy Mother's day!

Crafty P said...

What a fun filled and sugar coated mother's day! Gosh I love KK donuts, but the thought of them makes my tummy hurt- not sure why donuts make me feel yucky inside, but oh my are they yum-o.

so is the cd good? I stayed up late one night to watch that making the video thing of his. It made me feel so sad for him.