Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Inquiring minds want to know.

I guess there is at least one person who thinks about me beyond this blog. Not much further, but a little bit beyond here. So, I will answer {Rhonda} responses:
{Rhonda said}"I think your house smells like baked goods" True- at least 2 or 3 times a week. Sometimes more, and sometimes it's because I'm burning my buttercream candle or blueberry muffin candle. Gotta love 'instant baked goods' in the kitchen!
{R said}"I think you plant flowers" Answer, true. I wish I had more time to garden....grew up with parents that grew lots of veggies and way overplanted flowers along the landscape. Even entered a few things in the county fair when I was in 4-H. Bonus answer here: I can still recite the 4-H pledge- just ask my hubby if you don't believe me!
{R said}"I think you rent dvd's and make popcorn". More false than true. Rarely rent dvd's, sometimes make popcorn for bedtime snack for the kids- but then I worry someone might choke, so I have to watch them more then the movie. Love that Cinnabon popcorn where you pour the frosting all over the top. Good, sticky stuff. Worth the mess involved, even.
{R said}"I think all your plates probably match with 2 or 3 stragglers but your glasses are all different." Answer...most of my plates in the cupboard are plastic with various characters on them, like Barbie and SpongeBob. Gotta keep mealtime entertaining for the kids...and you wouldn't believe the drama involved if someone gets the "wrong plate". Or fork. Or cup. As for glassware- I have a nice set from Williams-Sonoma. They're the French tumblers you can use for cold or hot drinks. They all match- haven't broken one, yet!
{R said}"You probably have a favorite coffee mug or maybe a couple favorites." Yep. Gotta have my morning coffee. Have a couple of "Thanks, Oprah" mugs- that for some reason I don't use that often...and if you are short on good deeds lately and looking for a random act of kindness to do, you can pick out any of the cute mugs on the shelves of Starbucks right now and mail it to me. I loved 'em all there the other night!
{R said}"You have a big fluffy comforter." I do have a big fluffy comforter, but don't always have it on my bed. Right now I've got the old heavy Polo denim comforter- because I can never be too warm at night.
{R said}"You own a pink shirt." Yes I do- more than one.
{R said}"You like flip flops." Actually false. Haven't worn flip-flops for years. They always hurt my toes and they make that snapping sound with every step. Never got into that- although there are some really cute ones out there! I think my next shoe purchase will have to be a pair of Crocs- EVERYBODY is wearing these!
{R said}"You have a pair of oversized sunglasses." Not for a long time. Been wearing my regular glasses since 2001...and haven't had prescription sunglasses, yet. Might have to get me some along with those Crocs.
{R said}"All your towels are never clean at the same time." True. With as many people in my house, nothing is ever clean at the same time. Maybe I should get me a cleaning lady to go along with my new Crocs and glasses!
{R said:}"You will go to the Megameet in May." Don't know about a Megameet...but if it's conveniently located and Heidi Swapp, Cathy Zielske and Kelli Crowe are gonna be there- then count me in!!!
As for {G} who commented about my underware. You are so sweet for thinking of me in that way. Now everybody reading this, go do something productive with your time. Enough about me!


Anonymous said...

What is a mega meet???
I thought and thought about what I knew about you beyond what you've written in the blog... Hmmm.... Some of these I will take wild guesses, relying on my sixth sense.
-You have a good sense of humor!
-You are loyal.
-You are sensitive to others' opinions of you.
-You and your husband hold hands in bed.
-You like sprinkles on your ice cream.
-Plastic, not paper.
-When your kids say, "Read it again, Mommy, read it again!" you do. And again. And again.
-You own at least one ABBA CD or tape.

How'd I do????

Christina said...

I missed the fun,too.

I bet you like to go to bookstores and spend lots of time there (I do and think you'd be fun to go to BnN with and sit and read and drink coffee with and say something to one another occasionally and sometimes break out in uncontrollable laughter)

You're not a people pleaser.

You like to window shop but don't buy things for yourself all that often.

hmmm, that's all I can think of right now.

Emily said...

ok- I'm a little late on this, but here's what I think:

~you consider yourself more a "dog person" than a "cat person"

~your laundry always smells "Downy Fresh" :)

~You drive an SUV rather than a minivan

~you like ham and pineapple on your pizza

~and last, summer is your favorite season

So, how did I do??