Thursday, March 02, 2006

"Live your Poem"

I sure hope that my niece Aly won't mind that I posted her picture here and am sending her Happy, Bloggity Birthday wishes today, as she turns 10.
I matted and framed an 8 1/2 x 11 scrap page for her and mailed it along with a couple of other goodies for her birthday. There must be something in our water this week because this whole poetry theme has come out of nowhere! On Aly's print is a small vellum tag that reads, "Live your Poem". That along with the limericks have got me thinking, I guess. Life really has a sort of rhythm and sonnet-like movement if we stop and reflect long enough. And it certainly has occasional rhyme and reason, as well as depth and insight.
I wish everyone in the world had someone off in the sidelines cheering them on and giving them encouragement for whatever dream in life they were working to achieve. Can you imagine how this world would be a different place? I know some people find it within themselves to overcome great obstacles and to live a life of "greatness". Others have a host of "cheerleaders", opportunities and potential and for some reason they throw it all away and live a life of chaos, sorrow or turmoil. I wish it weren't true. I wish everyone could choose to do something good everyday to make themselves or their life better.
If I were 10 again I would wish for somone to tell me to never stop being me. To never give up on my dreams- to dream bigger dreams than I actually think are possible to attain. To be the best me I could ever become!
The cool thing is I still have time and so do you. Granted, I don't know how much time I have- but I can still pursue wild dreams. Starting with small things to make me a better me. I can love a little harder. Become angry a little bit slower. Breathe a little deeper. Create a little more creatively. Sing a little louder {my hubby's gonna love that!}. Find joy in things a little simpler. Reflect a little longer. Give thanks a little sooner.
I guess I've got a lot to do...and I hope I've already started being me a little bit better because of this blog post. One final note...on the scrap page the corner circle quote reads, "Inspire everyone around you." In celebrating Aly's birthday, her life has caused me to want to do that. I hope you want to do it too!


mommygoingcrazy said...

You are awesome, and have touched me once again! Thank you!

Emily said...

You are an awesome aunt. Your niece will look back on your gift years from now and see what a self-esteem booster it is! As always, your words inspire me greatly! I agree; life is like one incredible poem that flows along, painting a picture in the mind of ourselves and others we encounter.