Monday, February 27, 2006

Mmmm...what's that smell? JFK Jr!

Thanks to all of you cool bloggers for playing along with my spur-the-moment, quirky little gig and writing some great poetry for my amusement and pleasure. William Butler Yates isn't the only guy who can write poetry afterall.
So, just for your time and effort involved, I will make good on my offer and send each of you something fun in the mail. Just email me ( your address and I'll get to work on the something to send you in the mail. Deal?!
For those of you who didn't play along and are here looking for some great blogging I offer you this little snippet of my life from years past. I guess maybe someday my kids will want to know this about me. Maybe not...but it's here in writing now.
Early on when my husband and I were a young married couple we were strolling through the Men's Cologne Department looking for a bottle of something both he AND I would like. [Why is this such a hard thing to agree on?] Anyway, a lady walks over to where we were sniffing different scents and says, "Can I help you find something?" I looked up at her and smiled and said, "Yes. I want something that smells like what I think John F. Kennedy Jr. smells like."
I don't remember what we ended up purchasing that night...but I still think it's a good story. I have no idea what type of cologne or body spray John F. Kennnedy Jr. used to wear before he died- but I'll bet he smelled good. I'll bet he smelled the kind of good that makes-you-want-to-just-hang-out-with-him-and-be-friends-because-he smells-good-all-the-time good.
Now I know it's not a nice thing to judge people- especially those whom you have never seen or met...but to those of you who only know me "cyberly", I pose this question.
What one thing do you think is true about me (that I haven't already stated here in writing) based only on reading my blog. You can list your answers in the comments...and I may just go back and list them in my next post and add "True" or "False" next to your guesses. It'll be like a pop-quiz for you about me! Might be funny to find out how much {or how little} you really know about me. Good luck!


Rhonda said...

I think your house smells like baked goods

I think you plant flowers

I think you rent dvd's and make popcorn

I think all your plates probably match with 2 or 3 stragglers but your glasses are all different

You probably have a favorite coffee mug or maybe a couple favorites

You have a big fluffy comforter

You own a pink shirt

You like flip flops

You have a pair of oversized sunglasses

All your towels are never clean at the same time

You will go to the Megameet in May

:) LOL How many did I get right?

Anonymous said...

I'll bet you wear sexy, print underware...just because nobody knows about it all day long except you. Well, and hubby too! Am I right or am I right?!! -G

Jody said...

I remember a show where an audience member posed a similar question to Oprah in which she responded, "Who asked this?!" My sentiments exactly! It assumes that I wear underware...which by the way, I do. And yes, somedays I feel better about my undergarments than other days. Thanks for getting so personal! I should have known that I have crazy readers out there in blogland.

amy in illinois said...

i bet you have had at least one of your babies without an epidural. am i right?