Saturday, February 25, 2006

How long has it been since you wrote a limerick?

There once was a blogger who thought...
"I wonder how many comments I'll get?"
If I write a poor limerick,
And post without thinking quick,
Just how many people'll think I'm nuts!
Yes, I know it's not perfect limerick form- but it's been years since I've written one- and that just came from nowhere! So, if you have a witty reply- you know the drill...leave me a comment. And I just might pick one of you and mail you a handmade, "Thanks for reading Nitty.Gritty. card". Now I know the comments are gonna fly in! Have a nice Saturday night!


Jody said...

This will be funny to see,
How many people will do this for free.
Just to possibly get,
A handmade card, better yet,
How 'bout a tshirt with a picture of me?!

Misty E. said...

i love it, i have never in my life written a limerick! But for not knowing anything different it sounded great!

Kathy G said...

OK I will give it a try.

Just about every other day
I come to see what Jody has to say
You never know what you will read
Some days it is just what I need
I glad I stumbled upon it one day!

Kathy G said...

I just noticed my last line should have said "I am glad" :)

Heather Hubert said...

I love to read Jody's blog
It brings me comfort
like a faithful dog
Sometimes I laugh,
sometimes I cry
When her hair turned purple
I had to sigh
I come here often to check and see just what Jody has waiting for me!

Jana said...

A girl named Jody visited my blog one day,
she found me through another in a roundabout way,
I'm so glad she posted,
she's the blogger with the mostest,
and now I feel like I have a new friend!

How's this for my first limerick?? ;-)

Emily said...

There is a blog that I often read
Whenever I find myself in need
For inspiration or motivation
NittyGritty's the BEST blog indeed!

mommygoingcrazy said...

Ok I am going to give it a go!

I started writing my feelings and thoughts one day.
I found another that had something to say.
Jody was her name,
I found she feels the same.
Even though she is far far away,
I feel as though I had met her oneday.
I look forward to her inspiration,
I pray for her daily salvation.
For being a mother is hard,
But there really is a reward.
When at the end of the day
you see their bright, smiling eyes
It makes all the bad things go away
And makes us all want to cry.

Knit and Purl Grrl said...

There once was a girl named Lain
Who was just a bit insane
She so much time on the 'Net
She began to forget
She had a horde of kids to train!