Friday, December 16, 2005

New Baby in the house...

Here it is. My kids are going to like me even less than before. I've been researching and ready to purchase a new camera for quite awhile now- but stopped short because of the money involved- I was having a hard time justifying spending $1000 or more on what for me is just an obsessive hobby in the making.
So, with this purchase I can still sleep at night and not worry about having to eat ramen noodles everyday because I spent my grocery budget for the next 4 months. I was able to get this camera- the latest Sony DSC-R1 (10.3 megapixels) without spending a dime. So to speak. We cashed in a load of Sonypoints from the Visa card we use and I couldn't be happier about this item. I have been shooting a SOny Cybershot 4.0 for the past 4 years- which was a top not point and shoot at the time from Sony. I also got that "free" by cashing in reward points. At least all our spending gets a stuff once in awhile. So, this newest model isn't the latest/greatest Canon I was hoping for- but it has a lot of neat features and it certainly is an upgrade from my former camera- which I still plan to use quite a bit- at the beach, out and about with the kids and I can still let the kids use it to aquire photography skills. I think you are all going to be seeing a lot of photos at this site now. I am happy to say that by practicing patience, I have saved at least $1000, I have learned that God provides- even for things that are just hobby-related, and I now have cause to snap pictures of my kids doing anything and everything- all in the name of "learning the in's and out's" of my new baby. One of my greatest quotes has been and will continue to be, "There is no such thing as too many pictures". I'm sticking to that belief all the way!

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Deanna- yep Dee-na said...

Hi! found your blog through donna downey.. you posted... i'm nosey! lol : )
you seem to have a lot in common with me and i thought... cool... she rocks! so i'm commenting! i'm praying for God to provide me a cool new digi too. Glad to see you got a new one you are happy with. That is why i don't have a lot of pics to share on my blog yet.
So happy birthday late... i'll be 33 this year too. And happy new year to you also! It's nice to 'meet' you.