Monday, February 06, 2012

Oh, Crew!

Sometimes I feel like life is too much of a blur. Does that happen to you too?! I know so many of us are good at savoring the little things and many of you are good and/or eveb great at documenting so many of the moments that come and go, but I still find that I sometimes wish I could just freeze-frame life for even just a few hours.

This is our Crew...or Crewman as we often refer to him around here. He is still the one out of 6 kids that keeps us hopping more than any other. He is still so strong-willed and demanding and he has mood swings that make our heads spin from morning til night each and everyday.

But once in awhile he flashes his big-eyed, huge smile my way and I can't help it- he melts my heart and I feel that thing inside that literally would attempt to swim across an ocean for him. I feel that way for all of my kids. Especially when their little arms reach up for a hug, or when they pull you in for a kiss. I feel it when they beam at me with accomplishment- over something I have spent hours upon hours trying to help them learn.

That moment he was placed in my arms is one I still keep tucked in and stored as a treasure in my heart. It will be there forever. No matter how big he gets, no matter where he ends up living and spending his time when he's grown, and it will always make me feel like I am the lucky one. I know Crew is my busy, growing boy. And it is a privilege for me to be the one to watch and help him a little bit each day as he grows more and more into the person he was made to be all along.

{He's playing Cooking Mama in the picture above. He still LOVES to cook- in AND out of the kitchen.}

Oh Crew, we love you!


Anonymous said...

Jody...we too had a child much like Crew! She's in her early 40's now and has turned into a wonderful and fantastic woman!!! She loves the Lord and serves Him well. There were times I didn't know if I could live to see her grown. She challenged me (us) daily and finally it drove me, as her mom, to my knees. I didn't know if I'd ever "like" her...though I loved her fiercely!! She's our pleasure and the strong-willedness (is that a word?) has served her well and it's also mellowed her! Thanks for sharing! Love your blog! WSL

Kathy said...

Crew certainly has seemed to grow so fast. I too had a challenging child, a daughter. She is grown, a Mom of a 'clone' of her young self, and we laugh about that. She is a real go-getter in life and I am so proud of her. I hope you are settling into your new home.

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