Thursday, February 02, 2012

A family favorite.

I figured since I am in recipe-posting mode from the previous post, why not post a family favorite {which a friend asked me for the other day} and share it with you. It's our tried and true recipe for homemade Buttermilk Waffles. This one comes from my mom too. That's her hand-written recipe in the picture. It is wrinkled and splattered and shows wear from use. That's how much we love this recipe at our house.
In fact, we are having them tonight. Breakfast for dinner...if I could convince my kids to eat breakfst for dinner every single night, I probably would. I love the ease of it and the fact that all my kids like breakfast food. It makes life easy to make meals like this.
To make these waffles, simple get a bowl and mix all ingredients well. But not too well. A few lumps and bubbles here and there is a good thing. Then heat a waffle iron to the toastiness you prefer and enjoy. Simple. Delicious.
Especially with a side of sausage or bacon or fruit and a nice frothy orange julius.
I might have to share that recipe with you next. =)


Anonymous said...

Jody, thanks for the recipe! Looks yummy! For the life of me I can't figure out what is "b.p."?

Jody said...

Sorry about that! I've made the recipe so many times I don't hardly even look at it anymore. The b.p. stands for baking powder. And hopefully it's obvious the soda refers to baking soda. For oil, I use canola or vegetable oil. It really is an easy, tasty, fluffy waffle recipe. I hope you try it and like it!

Baju Muslim said...

good information ... I have read and will be added to my personal knowledge... thanks