Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My little Superman...

The past couple of nights I have been seemingly more aware than usual of just how big my little Superman is getting. If you could see this guy in action {Crew is recently turned 3} you would know that he is a very intense, funny, energetic- boardering on hyper, lovable boy. He gets his mind made up very easily and there is great challenge is changing his thinking. He wakes up bounding out of bed 9 days out of 10, and still needs to be practically wrestled into a good night's sleep most of the time too.
He has very delayed verbal skills...but "talks" almost non-stop.
He loves to do things himself...but constantly wants to keep up and do things like the "big kids" here at our house.
He eats mostly yogurt, granola, nuts, cereal, toast and fruit...but would be just as happy living on chocolate chips and brown sugar lumps if I allowed it.
He knows all his colors and shapes and the alphabet.
He also knows how to turn on a remote, satellite tv, laptop computers, Angry Birds on cellphones; he can operate the Wii, DSi Nintendo games and the dvd player.
But yet he still isn't fully potty-trained.

He does things his way and in his time. Almost all the time.
It sure makes for some interesting struggles and conversations and interactions among all parties living in our home.
But we love him like crazy and he knows it too.
So in light of all of that and more, as I tucked him in bed the last couple of nights and lay down next to him to whisper and sing and calm him as he fell asleep, I couldn't help but let my heart swell over the fact that he is mine right now. I know it will feel like he has grown up too soon and he'll be finding new love someday down the road.
I pray for his future wife and soul-mate and her family who is lucky to be raising her and feeling her love right now too.
But as he wrapped his little Superman jammie arm around my neck and pulled me closer to him so he could twist his fingers in my hair, it just made me want to soak it in and savor it even more.
I am humbled and feel lucky to be his first love. I am amazed that I get to be the one to feel his arms wrapped around my neck and know that he feels so secure in my arms too. I feel honored that God has allowed me to be one of the people in his life to have to understand his speech, guide and direct his energy and try to help him maneuver his way through the early years of life, growing and learning.
I'll be honest- I go to bed worn out more often than not because of this little guy in my life. But in the moments of quiet and calm and when he races toward me with arms open wide to hug and be hugged in the morning, my heart overflows with a love like no other. I am happy to be the mom to such an amazing little superhero. I will always love the way he has captured. I hope I never forget how it feels to be hugged to sleep by this little superman.


Be the change... said...

We have batman, superman, woody, at our house too. Don't you love how they know more about the electronics in your house that you do?

Rosie said...

I used to read your blog a few years ago. Always enjoyed your heartfelt writings. For some reason your blog wasn't put on my new reader and I stopped for quite sometime.

I read in a recent post about what a struggle the last year has been. One of the hardest in your life. My heart ached for you. You mentioned that you thought of not writing your blog anymore. I understand the sentiments completely. It has been a very rough year around here. Many reasons that will never be written about. So I felt your inner torment.

I hope that you do continue to write. You have quite a gift. I enjoy the way you write about your children. I love the way you express your love for them. I love that you write about your faith in God, even when often feeling quite alone.

I pray that your family situation will start to improve. That you can find a balance and that it wont feel so very hard every single day.

Keep writing.

Susan said...

Love this!! I have a Supergirl in my house. My 5 year old, Caroline, has brought me to my knees more than a million times in her short little life. One thing that I heard a few years ago, that has really stuck with me is, that I don't want to break her spirit. I want to mold her for all that she can become for good and more important, for God! I love her dearly but she wore me out as a toddler and wears me out now as a preschooler/5 year old who constantly wants and whines. I snuggled her the other night, in her Hello Kitty pj's and melted as she said in lispiest of voices, "My love you best of the mommies in the world." In that moment,every whine was forgotten, every tough moment seemed a little softer. Thank you!!

GretaB said...

He couldn't have a more wonderful first love. Just reading your words shows how much he is loved and what a special kid he is. Don't worry about the potty training, it will happen (or not, I suppose). ;)