Friday, August 13, 2010

As I get poked in the side by a foot...

Hi and thanks to everyone who offered Happy Anniversary wishes as well as suggestions for my itchy arm condition with this pregnancy. Chip and I didn't manage to get away from our duties with work/family on our anniversary, but I did have a non-stress test for the baby and then an ultrasound today. Everything appears to look good and 'normal' at this point, but my doctor has me on the books to head to the hospital a few days early if that doesn't happen on its own by Thuursday of this coming week. SO, there is an end to my sleepless/itchy nights- at least to be replaced by caring for a newborn rather than icing my arms with icepacks. =)
Also, I have had a few questions/emails about keeping everyone posted (at least as much as possible while hooked up to IV poles and fetal monitors and whatever other fun stuff the nurses have in store for me) and that will most likely happen through Face Book status updates on my page or Chip's. I added a link to the left here and feel free to add me as your friend- just let me know you read this blog and you're in! =)
Hopefully it will all be exciting and uneventful all at the same time. Not that I know how to make that happen- but we're going to try! As always, we appreciate your prayers for our family and look forward to sharing more stories and photos as soon as time allows. There's bound to be some major adjustments, and I have a feeling that will include a few noteworthy Nitty.Gritty. blogposts for you.
Now... wish me luck as I go try to take a quick nap before dinner!


angie said...

I just requested you :)
I had the itchies too... it's miserable and nobody can even imagine how yucky it is unless they've experienced it. Ugh.
Praying for you!

Nancy said...

Please be my friend on facebook! I subscribe to lots of blogs, but yours is one of the few I actually look forward to reading! Blessings on the delivery!

Nicole Q. said...

Hi Jody,
I sent a request to you, but I forgot to add I'm a blog reader!
I am praying for a wonderful & easy delivery!!

Jennifer said...

Hope all well having baby and all.

I going click ask to ask to be friends in fb.

prayers and thoughts are with you and your family.

babyrndeb said...

sounds like a good plan. I'll go request your friendship :)
Hope the itching is better - but it probably won't until you deliver. Normally antihistamines (like benadryl) won't work because it probably isn't a histamine reaction but more a bile salt build up. Sometimes creams will help - but if not - just keep using the ice. And know that it will soon be overwith!

Veronica said...

Best of luck for you and the new baby! The itchies are the worst...I got them when if the extra 60 pounds, swollen ankles, large stomach and heart burn with every type of food was not enough.

I wish you and your bunch of family all the best....and eagerly await the news.

Jessica said...

I just sent a fb request to you! Can't believe you are getting so close! Looking forward to hearing all about your newest addition. congrats!

Everday Edwards said...

I came across your blog today and I know I will be back so I wanted to say hi.


Jackie said...

Just to let you know I'm praying for your upcoming delivery & birth. I know you said it was this week...will it be induced or a planned C-section ?
Thanks for accepting me as your friend on FB. Thanks for the updates you post on there.
Kindly, Jackie Carl (Marion, IN)