Thursday, June 03, 2010

Whirlwind weekend

Chip and I had an amazing Memorial Day weekend. It was one filled with patriotism, honoring and remembering fallen and disabled heroes and their families, as well as celebration of the game of golf and all the fun that our freedom entitles each of us in this great nation in which we live. We spent the weekend at the brand new Patriot Golf Club- it opened just a week ago just outside of Tulsa, OK. The city skyline makes a beautiful backdrop right off the first tee box. It's a wonderful view!
The event/course and The Folds of Honor Foundation was the vision and dream of Chip's boss and golf club owner, Major Dan Rooney. {He and his wife, Jacy, are pictured with us in the second to last photo.} Dan and his family have become great friends to us over the years and we were thrilled to be able to join them for this special and inspiration inaugural event. Chip was thrilled to golf not just once or twice, but with touring PGA pro, Brad Faxon, for his third round. We met some great people all weekend, including golf superstar, Rickie Fowler. None of the pros asked for a dime in return for their time and appearance. Vince Gill not only golfed {and won the event with his team}, but also ate dinner at the event and then closed it out with a private concert for about 750 of us in attendance at the Hard Rock Hotel in Tulsa. It was a grand and emotionally moving occasion, indeed! My sister, Jacque and her husband Dave joined us all weekend as our guests. They live in Las Vegas and we rarely see one another. So not only were the daily activites fun and exciting, but we also had a small family reunion going on at the same time. I couldn't have asked for a better trip. Except for a few details- like the 95 degree heat making my feet swell so much that I couldn't even wear a couple of my sandals. And then there was the lack of sleep- for so many things going on. One other thing these photos don't reveal is that Chip and I were paged at the Tulsa airport (I've never heard my name over an airport loudspeaker before and hope I never do again!)and had to run from security checkpoint to our gate. Which {always!} happened to be about as far down the concourse as possible. I thought I could land in premature delivery, but finally managed to catch my breath and the flights home went smoothly- so it all ended well. =)
The kids had a wonderful family taking care of them while we were away. Crew gave us the biggest, tightest hugs when he saw us at home again, but the others were actually a bit bummed we came home earlier than they had planned. They wanted to go swimming another afternoon and had had so much fun they didn't really mind that we'd been gone. That's just the way I wanted it to be.
I am glad it all went better than I imagined it would be. I also look forward to the next time Chip and I can get away and hopefully it will be for an equally worthy cause! There's something special about not just vacationing, but knowing you are doing something good at the same time.


Lauren Kelly said...

How fun and so glad ya’ll got to get away by yourselves and loving the baby belly!!! :)

Sarah said...

Oooh. Vince Gill. So jealous! What a great event! The baby belly is adorable!