Sunday, May 30, 2010

Blogging from Oklahoma!

What a week we've had! Between end-of-the year school parties and cupcakes and summer temps and Ava's kindergarten graduation I was definitely busier than usual. And usual is generally busy all its own! Extra-busy is good though- even kind of wonderful this time around!
Chip and I are away together in Tulsa taking in the activities and supporting his boss and friend, Dan Rooney, as he hosts the inaugural Patriot Cup event at his brand new golf course, The Patriot. We have already enjoyed the spectactular views of the course and tomorrow we are excited to attend the gala evening with Vince Gill honoring of families of disabled and fallen heros and supporting the Fallen Heros Foundation. Such a worthy cause! We are honored to be invited to such an event and to not only be able to get away for this amazing weekend, but also to know that our kids are getting great care and enjoying their time with some wonderful family friends too. To top it off, my sister and her husband joined us here in Tulsa as our guests for the event, so I'm getting sister/family time as well! {My sister/husband live in Las Vegas and it's rare that we ever get to see each that's an extra special treat for me!}
I also just kicked off the third trimester of pregnancy and I'm feeling good- getting kicked often! =) My feet swelled up in the heat and humidity yesterday when we landed in OK and spent most of the day outdoors. But they seem to be better after a full, quiet night of sleep. Hopefully I will fit back into my strappy sandals by tonight. =)
I have to say I have enjoyed reading your thoughts and comments on baby names. It will be fun to finally have a face and name for Baby #7 as we call him in not so many weeks! Ava thought Chip and I were going away for the weekend to have the baby already. She wondered why I was packing sparkly black shoes just to go to the hospital! I had to laugh and actually think maybe I should take my black heels along with me for the big event. It's sure to be a special occasion.
I hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. It is an honor for Chip and me to be upclose and supporting some of our nation's hero's of the day as we reflect on the true cost of the freedom we enjoy in this great country every single day.
I am feeling truly blessed. I trust you are too!


Tessa said...

Welcome to Oklahoma! I live in Owasso, just a few miles north of Tulsa. I grew up with Dan Rooney in Stillwater, Oklahoma... he was one year older than me. It's a small world! I am a long time reader and I think it is neat that you are in my neck of the woods. Wishing you well...


babyrndeb said...

Have a great time on your trip. Enjoy the time with your sister too :)