Saturday, March 20, 2010

Starting to think about baby.

Now that I am into my second trimester I am so happy to leave behind the morning sickness, fatigue and lack of energy to do anything. It is a relief to know that I actually do have desire and even a bit of energy to do some creative stuff in my "spare time" again. Half-way through the first trimester I began to think I may never create anything with my paper products again!
So this past week I was glad to have the chance to make a little something for a friend of ours who had a little book shower in the kindergarten class at school. The top three photos are pictures of the mini album I gave them to fill with pictures and notes about their adorable baby girl, Nora. I know that Nora's mom loves vintage things, so I pulled out a mix of my vintage and tiny flower patterned papers and then cut them up and glued/tied them together into this baby book. It was not only fun for me to put together, but fun to see how some of the random scrap stuff I have laying around my scraproom mixed and matched and turned out to be a cute little book.
In just a couple of short weeks we have an ultrasound and will likely be able to find out if our baby is a boy or girl. I am thinking after I find out I can start making another book and have it ready to fill with pictures well before our baby comes later this summer. I am looking forward to making a few baby things- it's my way to unwind, do some dreaming and use up my stuff all at the same time. A win-win!
One of the other projects I just came across and bookmarked is the cute shadowbox baby collage you see in the last photo- which I found here at giddy giddy blog. This could be a great project for not only babies, but kids of any age, weddings or just a neat way to show off a miniature collection too! I thought it was simple, sweet and I was definitely inspired and hope to make one of my own.
I am still overwhelmed at the thought of a newborn in our home, but at the same time I have been feeling some baby kicks and have to admit that it is a humbling and great honor to look forward to such a gift. We're also still gathering ideas for baby names, so feel free to leave your suggestions for us here. Baby naming is a task all its own! =)


Southern Gal said...

When I saw Nora on the book in the photo before reading I thought that would be your baby name. My daughter is due with her first in June and her name will be Nora Rose. Love that little book and the shadow box idea. Hope you continue to do well throughout the pregnancy.

Cathy said...

I thought I missed something with the cute pink notebook and the Nora! Did she have the ultrasound? Did they name the baby? What did I miss :) Not that you aren't allowed to do things IRL without telling your faithful bloggers ;)

Anonymous said...

since this has to be another boy,
may i suggest these :
(in keeping with your one syllable boys names)

Reece (after 4 girls never got 2 use it, loooove it)

And i think Andrew is a solid middle name choice for all of those :)

good luck and blessings!!
im pullin for a boy!
However im ready to go with girls names, just thinking along the lines of balancing out numbers ;)

Anonymous said...

I love the name Quinn...for boy or girl!

Becky said...

awww-i can't wait to hear more about the new little one! again, i wish i lived closer :)

Claire said...

Your kids all have great names, I can't wait to hear what you guys decide for this one ;) I'm due this summer with a boy we are naming Connor.

so not that you need the help but I'll throw a few ideas out there.

For another boy I like the one syllables like Brock and Crew.



Good Luck!