Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Big families are awful...

when the flu bug hits your home.
We're in the midst of sharing a stomach virus around here since last Friday. So far, 6 out of 7 of us have 'enjoyed' the effects of the flu, and Wyndham has gotten it twice. Poor girl. Ava is the only one who hasn't gotten bit by the nasty bug. I think we're all crossing our fingers that she'll be the lucky one and be spared.
Let me tell you... it's called the 24-hour flu, but when you have it and then the rest of the family gets it- it feels a LOT longer than 24 hours!
A couple of the kids have even had flu shots but apparently this is a different strain. I'm just hoping that the laundry piles can start decreasing by the end of today. I've been best friends with Tide with Febreeze for long enough now. I'm ready for a break.
So that's the latest on the fun we're having and why you can consider yourself lucky if you have a small family today. Sometimes less really IS more. =)


Lauren Kelly said...

Oh, bummer…. I hope ALL of you get to feeling better quickly!!!!!!!

Tessa said...

I know exactly what you mean... my four kids have passed the stomach virus around for the last week and my second daughter was the one to get it twice. One night all was well... then suddenly I had a miserable boy and three loads of laundry to wash and that was just the beginning! Also, I don't think that the flu shot protects from the stomach virus. Our family always gets flu shots and we always have one round of stomach virus each winter. Hope its over soon!

Kylee said...

I'm so sorry!! I had that same 24 hour flu saturday/sunday...it's awful. Here's to hoping you're all back on your feet very, very soon!

Jody said...

I've done 8 loads of laundry since 7am this morning. That's after getting 3.5 hours of sleep last night. I don't like that kind of 'math problem'! And can I just admit right here that I need a shower, but there's not much hot water left so I'm waiting for later on this evening. Maybe I'll take a long soak in a bubble bath. Wish me luck getting that in before the day is over! =)

Jan C. said...

Oh gosh, that is so true! We usually don't all get the flu at the same time. In our family, it tends to be one person after another, so that it seems to spread out over weeks before we can consider ourselves over it. Stinks worse if you are pregnant and have to be sick OR do "sick" laundry!

pakosta said...

flu shots are only for upper respiatory flus, I don't know why they don't tell people that! it's not for stomach virus or the loose stool types of flu! They never explain that when you get the shot, so people think they are spared,but they aren't! that just stinks though! I hope Ava doesn't get it!!!! In my house, I got sick one day with a bad flu, and nobody else got it at all! lucky them! get better sooN!!!!!!!

Nicoolmama said...

Yup. I feel your pain. In our family of 7, the stomach bug lasted for 2+ weeks because it was oh-so-nice-enough to space itself out between family members in our house.

Plus, the washing machine was going like 24 hours a day.

It's just awful..

You have my sympathy....and my prayers.

Cathy said...

It's the laundry that really gets to you isn't it???
I hope you all feel better soon and you can sleep. Start the laundry, put the kids in front of a movie and lay down and have a nap!

Michelle said...

Hi Jody!!!

I miss you!!!

Hope you and your family get well soon and hope Ava is lucky enough to not get it!!!

Take good care!

Love you!!


Beth said...

Oh yuck. you have my sympathies, as we have had the same Ick at our house this week. And true, it goes from one person, to the next, to the next....and lucky Mamas never get a sick day!

Here's to well babies, less laundry, and much more sleep and SOON!

Amanda said...

Hope you are all better soon... then I will come over and babysit so you can have a night out!


Anonymous said...

Hope you are all feeing better soon...nothing worse than a 'family down' with any illness. Sending healing vibes and prayers your way!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh i hope u all feel better soon! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Cathy said...

Hope all is well. I always worry when you take a break from posting . . . Not that you don't deserve a break, but I have been reading for several years and you have a pattern;) I know when you are feeling down you often retreat. Just to say I am thinking of you!