Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mid-morning coffee break.

I took it as a sign after seeing this recipe pop up on at least three different occasions the past couple of days. My sister (Hi Steph!) even emailed me the link and a note to say she was thinking of me when she came across this latte. So this morning was the day I acted on it and I am now sipping the rewards of doing so. It's a homemade pumkin spice latte and I'm enjoying every sip as well as doing myself a favor and giving my body the 100% recommended daily allowance of vitamin A. Good stuff, if you ask me.
Here's the link to the recipe. I modified it only slightly and added a touch more cinnamon and nutmeg. I also got really gourmet and pulled out a frothing device I got years ago when I interned on the tv show "Good Company". I may not have gotten a job as a result of that internship, but I did gain good experience and still can make the best frothy milk on the block.
I suppose I could have best used this morning coffee break making beds around my house and starting some laundry, but I will admit, it feels kind of nice to just kick back and enjoy something a little extra indulgent once in awhile. After 1000 blogposts, I feel I've earned a little "me time". =)
{As for winner of the previous post... Becky! Make sure we touch base at school in the next few days. You're the lucky winner this time! I've got a little something for you. I hope you'll enjoy it.}
Now, my latte is almost gone and it's time to get back to reality. Which seems a bit nicer after a big dose of homemade vitamin A!


Sara said...

I was just taking my last sip of pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks when I pulled this up! Yes, my wallet could use the break, seeing how we have a family of five and even the two year old likes "pumpin lattes"! Thanks for sharing.

Lauren Kelly said...
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Lauren Kelly said...

I'm seriously going to have to try this because just tried the PS at Starbucks and fell in love :) :)

Becky said...

Wow Jody! Can't believe I won. I have the field trip to Country Dairy tomorrow, maybe we will see each other after that:)

Roxanne said...

mmmmm....that may need to be made for my afternoon coffee break! so yummy and easy. Have you ever tried Starbucks Vanilla Rooibus Tea Latte? I know it has nothing to do with pumpkins or fall....but it is my latest non-caffeinated addictions! not too sweet either.