Friday, October 30, 2009

Crazy Love In Action

Our friends, the Loecken family, were featured on Good Morning America this morning, both in a taped segment and also live with their big RV on the plaza. I invite you to check out their story and be inspired and challenged too!
The basic premise is that they traveled to Africa and did some short-term mission work. After coming back home (to their comfortable home in GA) they felt led to do more and act on how they had been impacted by their trip.
That's what ultimately brought them to where they are now- living out of an RV, traveling across the country and serving everyday people all along the way.
If you click on this GMA link you can scroll down and watch their video piece titled, "AmeriCANS- Family's Mission to Serve". You can read a lot more about their family travels and what their up to and where they've been by reading their blog here. I know Jay and Beth and their kids would be thrilled to have you stop by and would be even more thrilled to know they have more prayer supporters as they continue to go wherever God leads them! It seems like such a radical thing- to uproot your family and go wherever you feel led, but that's precisely they way Jesus did ministry and the Loecken's admit that they feel like they receive more blessings than they give. They make it look "easy"- to love and serve. I need to open my heart and mind up and jump in and do more. They've inspired me! Crazy love in action...the world could use more of that, wouldn't you agree?!
{Loecken family photo used by Jay's permission}


Erika said...

Wow! That's an amazing story and an amazing ministry!!! So inspiring! Thanks for passing it on! <3

Jamie said...

Amazing...thank you for sharing this very inspirational story. A reminder to be open to the creative, unconventional ways to serve.