Monday, August 03, 2009

Speaking of wild rides...

{Click on the photo to enlarge for detail.}
Chip snapped this picture with his Blackberry when he and Ava were on the ferris wheel last week at Coast Guard Fest. It was Ava's first time on one. She loved it! She called me when they were at the top of the ride. It's just one reason I love technology these days.
The journaling on this reads:
Number of times she asked to go on this ride: 10
Cost of 2 tickets: $6
Hearing the excitement in her voice when she called me on Daddy's cellphone from the top: Priceless.
Hope you enjoy the last month of summer...Happy August!


mandiegirl said...

LOVE it! :)So fun!

Beckypdj said...

Ahhhhhh the wonderfulness of life. Woot!Woot!

Lauren Kelly said...

So precious!! :)

Mere said...

How cute!! I love it...little moments are always the best! When does school start for y'all?

Love, Mere

Erika said...

That's so adorable! Love it!!!

Anonymous said...

I just love "firsts".


Anonymous said...

Just caught up on your posts from the last few weeks, As I sit here with tears streaming down my face...I thank you for sharing Teegen with all of us. You have touched my life in a way you will never know. I found your blog a while you were pregnant and have so enjoyed all you have shared.
May God richly bless your life!