Friday, July 31, 2009

It's been a wild ride!

Today is my final day as a Fashionista (design team member) with SIStv. I have so many things I could say or post about my experience there- it's been a really wonderful 2+ years. Some of my best friends were made as a result of this opportunity in my life. Some of my best smiles were shared and one was even captured here. {Love that photo, Sarah and your hair is awesome, KA!} =)
Some of my most meaningful conversations have been typed on the message boards, shared late into the night around Diane's table and shivering under blankets in Tennesee. I shopped at Anthropologie for the first time with some of my fashionista friends. I sang kareoke with many of them and announced my pregnancy with Crew to them before almost anyone else. We have lots of inside jokes and yet we have cried for one another too. I have enjoyed the creative inspiration of each of them in different ways and the entire SIS gallery consistently amazes me. One can browse the gallery any time of the day and also share your own creations with others around the world. I will continue to keep my portfolio here and hope to add to it as I find spare time to scrap and play and create handmade things.
I had no idea what to expect when JJ asked me to be on her team and SIStv made it's debut in the online world. It has been so much more than I ever imagined and I continue to wish nothing but good things for her, her family and her endeavors. I'm honored that I was a small part of it since it's launch and am grateful forever for how SIS has enhanced my life. If any of what I have typed her today resonates with you, then likely you have been a part of SIS and I'm thankful for you being a part of such a great place. Online and in my heart- SIS is a part of my life. That will never change.
Thanks, Jeanette and Fashionista friends for taking me on such a wild ride! I will treasure my memories of this time in my life always. I look forward to still seeing you- just without my little red star by my name. Love to all of you from this Fashionista at heart! xoxo

This is just a snippet of my Fashionista profile...I thought I'd share it with those of you who have never seen it and after today would miss it.
A little bit about me:
My style is...
sorta clean?
But still fun and fresh. It's driven in part by my background in graphic design, my love of mixing patterns and color, and most importantly, I want my pages/projects to be meaningful- first to me, then my family and sometimes others understand me too! I love to try out new things...I think almost anything can translate into scrapbooking if you can get it on a page. For me, meaningful & fun are essential to scrapbooking...thus my style is ever-changing!
My best scrapping is done when...
I feel there is an important message to be shared, or when the picture "doesn't tell the whole story". I'm learning that it's alright to scrap exactly what's on my heart and mind...even if I don't have a picture to match that.

I am passionate about...
the choices we have in our lives everyday. We can't control everything that happens to us, but we do get to choose how to respond. I am passionate about "fat calories" too...if I'm gonna eat dessert, it's gotta be good and worth the calories!

(I love REAL Buttercream.)
My biggest pie in the sky dream is...
getting all my kids potty-trained BEFORE my husband has to start wearing diapers in his old age. =) Oh...and maybe writing a 'real book' someday. Oh more is getting a pedicure at somepoint in life...I can't believe I've never had one yet! {I can't believe I had this posted on the website for over 2 years! I hope Chip doesn't mind!!}
Guilty Pleasure...
eating after 8:00 pm...especially if it's a calorie-laden, rich Carrot Cake or Chocolate Bread Pudding with Spiced Whipped Cream. Non-food guilty-pleasure is a hot, long bubble bath with no kids in sight!
I'm inspired by...
the laughter of my kids, color, handmade things, simpler times, the fact that I still love and have fun with my husband-{sometimes more fun than when we were dating even}, the thought of Heaven!
This is me in a nutshell...
I have lived through personal tragedy, but out of that have realized just how precious my ordinary life truly is. I try to see the best in all people and that makes this world more beautiful and spreads joy. I love to learn and make mistakes and laugh through it all. I live a simple life, in many respects, but through my actions and attitude, I hope I am making this world a better place, one day at a time. My motto is:
"Sometimes you have to create your own joy!"

It really works.


mandiegirl said...

sad you're leaving, but glad it's been good for you! And, ma'am, where in the world can I get a recipe for this chocolate bread pudding? sounds divine!

Karen, the mother-in-law said...

I think it is safe for me to say that Jody is my most creative daughter-in-law, included in that my 2 daughters. And I am sure that Jody will continue to be creative but perhaps in another medium or maybe stay with the great scraping that she does.
After reading her blog I now know what to give her for her birthday. Last year was a coffee card and I thought that would be the best. But.....I think this year it has to be the pedicure. Every woman should have at least one in her lifetime. Actually, after having 2 many years apart, I think we girls should have them weekly. My sorry feet have never felt so wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh a really good pedicure is dreamy!!! Add along with it (perhaps) a full body massage (at least an hour) and you'll feel like a "new" woman!

In a word...this post is..extraordinary!! Jody, you could be a book/writer for sure!!! Maybe you need to callaborate with Jen Smith (Audrey Caroline's mom)...I started her blog because of you!! :-)

Blessings along with "real buttercream"!!!

Jodi said...

I've never had a pedicure either!! I totally want one, along with a massage!

Tonya said...

No one will ever touch my feet -yuck
But I have had plenty of full body 1 hour massages
They are totally wonderful
And I think you should go get one real soon.
God Bless you and your family

corinne5 said...

totally understand and totally feel the same way as you do about leaving but our lives are taking us in different directions and I am also excited to see where I am heading now. love you and will always be in touch :)


Sasha said...

ALl things happen and in the end good things come out of most. Good Luck to you boo.

Veronica said...

here's to never having a pedicure! God bless you and your wishes!

AndreaWiebe said...

Love you!

I blogged lots of cupcakes dedicated to you on my blog :)