Thursday, June 25, 2009

A simple "yes"...

I posted on Facebook that today marks 15 years since Chip asked me to marry him and I said yes. Fifteen years ago I had NO IDEA what the future held for us, and I'm quite certain I wouldn't have believed it even if you had spelled it all out for me.
What I do know 15 years later is that I still feel very blessed to have met Chip, fallen "in like" with him, and then I started to see his potential, my potential and then "our potential" when I let myself dream a little bit at a time. I'm very humbled that God brought us together and pretty much blew away any picture I had in my mind of how our lives would turn out together. I'm still amazed that Chip was "smitten" by me. I wasn't really the "smittening-type" of girl back in those days. I was {and sadly still am far too often!} a selfish girl that judges quickly and feels entitled to get her way. I can be picky about little things- and even nit-picky about littler things. Fifteen years ago I never imagined that our lives would blossom beyond just an "us" to include several more little people, who very quickly and thoroughly, taught and continue to teach me that there's more to life than just me.
As I pause and think back to that moment in time {at Rice Park, Saint Paul, Minnesota} when Chip asked me to be his wife and one little word- three little letters- changed the course of my; changed the course of OUR lives, well, it's nothing short of amazing to me. I often joke, at times when life gets stressful and Chip and I are at odds with how to proceed through whatever it is life is handing us at that moment, I say to Chip, " asked ME to marry YOU", and we laugh and it helps bring us back to 'reality'. Our crazy, wonderful, challenging, sometimes-ready-to-throw-in-the-towel, up and down again, all-around amazing reality that is our life.
I'm thankful that he asked me.
I'm so glad that my selfish, unprepared self said yes.
I couldn't imagine anyone else next to me through these past 15 years.
It's been wild. It's been hard.
It's been more than I imagined, and for all of it, I'm grateful.
I never knew a little yes could change so much.
I love you, Chip and I would say yes all over again.
This time, I'd do it in a heartbeat.


Kelley said...

Happy Anniversary! said...

how exciting!

So much can and does happen in 15 years.


You have a wonderful man.


Joey&Casey said...

Congrats on 15 years!!! That is wonderful and I hope you both have many, many more blessed ones!!

Lauren Kelly said...

Sooo stinkin sweet! LOVE the pics!!!!

Nina Diane said... sweet!

lori said...

Awe, that was really sweet. Congrats to you both.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! What a beautiful tribute to your marriage!!
I'm here to say it will only get better! I'm in the empty nest and soon we'll be going to the next phase....retirement! The years have flown by and my sweetheart only becomes more beloved!!! We too struggled and had some difficult times but my were they worth it!!! Blessings!

the story of us said...

so glad you said yes to chip, and to GOD - about the "kids" thing! :) you're such a great mommy! :)
:) thanks for visiting my blog!
i'd love to get together sometime! :) we really aren't THAT far apart i don't think! :) you're probably closer than i went to get my puppy - and without all the CITY DRIVING! :) hope you're enjoying these HOT summer days in michigan! :) i LOVE summer, but weeks like this make me appreciate our changing seasons! :)

Phil and Jennifer said...

what a beautiful post!! congrats on your special anniversary! :-)

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