Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Enjoying the views.

We had the chance to grab dinner overlooking Lake Michigan the other night. It was a perfect, summer night to be outside and take in the scenery that we don't enjoy often enough, despite living only minutes from this great beach.
We put our name on the waitlist for dinner and then let the kids grab dessert first at the local {one of our favorite spots!} Dairy Treat. They still ate their dinner really well and we took in the fresh air and watched the big boats go by at the same time. The sun set was spectacular and the kids ran on the beach for a few minutes just as it was going down. I love that something so beautiful and captivating comes at "no charge". It's almost magical to see the colors swirl in the sky and to let the kids chase the seagulls with the sun going down behind them... listening to their laughter and making simple memories- it's priceless. I just thought I'd share a few photos of our nice evening.
Brock was testing his new camera and is now at camp for the week. It's our warmest week of the summer, thus far, so he picked a good time for outdoor games and fun! I have to add though, that I'm sure he's having a great time and not homesick for us. He was excited and ready to be gone for a week. Bella on the otherhand is having 'reverse homesickness' and sobbed and sobbed last night at dinner. She said she couldn't even eat because she missed Brock so much. I wasn't prepared for her tears, but did manage to finally get her calmed down, eating and even laughing by dessert. I'm sure Brock will be touched that his little sister is missing him that much. =)


Lauren Kelly said...

Awww, so sweet, and those pictures are so beautiful and amazing!!!! Can I come to Michigan?? haha!!

DJones said...

Beautiful pictures.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pics!!! Thanks for sharing here!
I sort of relate to Bella! I was the youngest of the family and remember my dad being gone on a fishing trip and I really, really missed him (almost like Bella with Brock). I never did go to camp as there were two factors for me...I didn't want to be away from home (I KNEW I'd be homesick) AND didn't want to go anywhere where it might be "primitive"! I hated cobwebs, dirt, pit-potties etc. Course I didn't KNOW for sure that I'd encounter any of that. So I probably missed alot of fun!!! :-(

Hillary said...

i heart dairy treat...yum...

and, i recognize the restaurant that you were of my good friends cooks there and another friend is a waitress.

i'm sure brock is having a great time at camp...some of my best childhood memories are from camp. :)

Beckypdj said...

Dessert first! Love it!