Monday, June 15, 2009

Five kids= busy!!

I'm finding that the concept of "free time" doesn't exist here at our house in the summer. At least not as we try to establish some routine and get into the swing of the "laid back, lazy days". Crew is into EVERYTHING and is a full time job all on his own. He's starting to pull himself up next to things and he eats everything left lying under the dining table and takes advantage of every chance he gets to go into the bathroom and 'boing' the little doorstop behind the door. It's his most favorite thing in life right now. Besides getting a Cheerio all the way into his mouth. =)
Wyndham has loved riding her bike and sleeping in most mornings. Ava, Bella and Brock have been taking swimming lessons- which means we still have to be somewhere by a certain time most days.
Busy, crazy, exhasuting and sometimes I wonder if I should just get a housekeeper.
Nah. My house would be clean and I'd feel pretty useless. I'll try to be back sooner than a week next time. I've missed my own blog.
Is that sad? Or good.
I'm undecided and too busy to think about it. =)


michelle said...

you don't know me but i've commented maybe once or twice. nothing important to say except i had to smile when you said crew loves to "boing" the doorstop thingey. my son is now 15 months old but that used to be his favorite thing too. i'd be in the other room and hear that noise and just have to laugh. for hours and hours (not quite, but it entertained him for quite a while!) :-)

Lauren Kelly said...

So good to hear from you, girl!!!!! Sounds like your life is full right now :)

Heather from Ontario Canada said...

I missed you Jodi and your posts. Gotta love a "boinging" baby. It's wonderful to hear Wyndham loves her bike. Enjoy your busy summer but remember to relax a bit too ***grin***

Heather S said...

Enjoy your time with your kids! I miss your posts, but I am so glad you are spending wonderful "summer time" with your kids! Enjoy every minute of it, relax, and just have FUN!!