Monday, May 04, 2009

Music and lyrics.

You may notice that I changed my playlist up just a bit and also turned the autostart back on. If you don't want the music on while you read, just click the pause button on the player to the left side of the posts.
I was recently introduced to the group Downhere, who are first on my playlist right now. I'm really enjoying their music and lyrics and wanted to post the words to their song, "Not About Wings". So poignant and true...
Lyrics to Not About Wings :
Wake dove, stretch your feathers,
Worry not love, how far you could fall.
Fly now, darling find how; A broken wing can feel the best to soar on.
It's not the perch you've climbed to reach,
But the broken wing that's made you meek; that's when He lifts you high.
Believing is not about seeing,
Faith is not about reaching, and on this journey I keep learning,
Flying is not about wings.

Sparrow trapped by a window,
every resource spent for just one goal.
It's not by work you find your escape,
but in your defeat when you seek His face;
that's when He lifts you high.


Anonymous said...

I have your blog on my Goggle reader so I don't usually actually go to your site since I see it all on Goggle reader. But since you mentioned your playlist, I went to your site to hear the song. Well, I fell in love with so many of the songs you have on there and I just turned up the volume and had your playlist playing as I got dressed, made beds, got kids dressed, etc. Who needs an ipod when you have the Nitty Gritty playlist:-) Really, it helped my day to get off to a great start to hear such wonderful music, some I had never heard before(press on), some I hadn't heard in a long while(I love you Lord, Blessed Assurance). Thank you for helping my day get off to a good children thank you:-)

The Potter's Hand said...

Love the song...your family is a blessing to me, I check in with your blog a couple times a hubby and I have tried for several years to have a baby, and your blog always lifts me up, you're such a positive person. God has blessed you and you have blessed me!

Just Me said...

I too have your blog on Google reader, so thanks for mentioning your playlist! I'm looking forward to listening to all the songs (and maybe will find some to add to my playlist that includes many "random" songs from now and then!)

Have a great day!

michelle t said...

Hi Jody,

It is amazing to me how God works sometimes. I am right at that place where I am being humbled by life's circumstances and am being refined by God in an incredible season of crisis. I am so grateful that though you are a stranger you are my sister in Christ. Keep doing what you're doing on your blog. Thanks for the exhortation esp. these last two messages! Praying for Wyndham over here in Nashville. Michelle T.

Anita said...

Love your new play list! It's just like listening to mine :-)