Friday, May 01, 2009

As it turns out...

Going to kindergarten is MUCH easier than leaving kindergarten. Ava had a great morning in the classroom. She did great a lunch. And recess. But had issues with leaving at the half-day point. The other students stayed on for the whole day. Ava figured she might as well stay too. Only that's not the way it was set up.
So she had a "meltdown".
When I told Chip about it a bit later his response was, "And you were surprised at this?". Even threats of going to the principal's office didn't break her. This is a side of her that I don't embrace or fully understand. It earned her more than an hour of quiet time in her room this afternoon. Quite possibly our tuition will see a hike because of her antics. =)
In other news, guess what day it is tomorrow?
Besides the Kentucky Derby day?!
It's National Scrapbook Day.
I think it's a day created for and by busy people in the business/hobby so they (I) actually will carve out time to make something and be creative. I'll be around SIS forums and even plan to stop in for a random chat. I will also be hosting a challenge at 10 am central time. The photo here is a preview of something similar I will challenge you to create. Feel free to stop by, lurk, or jump in and join us. There will be fun and games and prizes and maybe even virtual buttercream cupcakes! It will be a whole day of craft party. Minus the mint juleps. =) Ha!
Have a great weekend!
Oh yes. For those who were asking about it, Ava's swimsuit is from Janie and Jack. I agree. It is cute. It's very durable too. Just the way we like our swimsuits around here.

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NicoleC said...

Oh my heaven's. Maybe I didn't need to know about that website for the bathing suit. Dreamy!