Thursday, March 26, 2009

A little book goes to...

Brock chose the random number of 32 today. Polly's me ( ) your address and sometime between now and a month from now you will get a little book in the mail. =)
Thanks for all your fun comments. I enjoyed reading about all the ways you relax and spend free time. Sounds like Barnes & Noble and the tub are among two of the best spots to relax! =) You all speak my same language when it comes to downtime. How I wish that cleaning bathrooms or organizing closets were really forms of downtime for me. My house could use some loving that way, but unfortunately, I'd rather surf the web or scrap or anything but clean closets.
I guess if we had fun all the time it wouldn't feel like fun after awhile.
Or would it? =)


Katy said...

It wouldn't. haha

You have such a creative mind. You saw past an everyday item and made it into something so neat. Congrats to Polly's path.

Have a great weekend!!

polly's path said...

How fun!!! I have never ever won a drawing before! Thanks, Brock!!!
Jump over to polly's path-I am paying Jody's giveway forward-just leave a comment!