Thursday, March 26, 2009

Even the "unseen" matters.

I have written recently about the feeling I get- maybe even a touch of minor depression- from doing 'ordinary tasks' over and over again. I've shared how I love being SAHM (Stuck-at-home-Mom) =), but also admit that sometimes it just feels overwhelming, or feels unimportant in the scheme of things. I struggle with attaching meaning to the things I do. I admit, I fear "wasting" my life- especially after living with a brush with death and recognizing all the more how short and fleeting time truly is.
Insert my daily reading today titled "Faithfulness in Everything" from Our Daily Bread. The message is a good reminder, or an important thought to chew on as we go about our work- whatever that may be. It also hit close to home for me, as some of you may remember our family connection to the I-35 bridge collaspe in MN and also because we lived in Gaylord, MI for several years and traveled across the Mackinac Bridge many times- it was just an hour to the north of our home. I just was touched by the reading and scriptures tied in with the post today, so I wanted to share it with the rest of you. I'll be back soon to post a winner for a Starbuck's mini-book later this evening.
Here's the reading for today: Faithfulness in Everything
In August 2007, a major bridge in Minneapolis collapsed into the Mississippi River, killing 13 people. In the weeks that followed, it was difficult for me not to think about that tragedy whenever crossing a bridge over a body of water.
Some time later, I was watching an episode of Dirty Jobs on the Discovery Channel. Host Mike Rowe was talking to an industrial painter whose work he was trying to duplicate. “There’s really no glory in what you do,” he said. “No,” the painter agreed, “but it’s a job that needs to be done.”
You see, that man paints the inside of the Mackinac Bridge towers in Northern Michigan. His unnoticed job is done to ensure that the steel of the magnificent suspended structure won’t rust from the inside out, compromising the integrity of the bridge. Most of the 12,000 people who cross the Straits of Mackinac each day aren’t even aware that they are depending on workers like this painter to faithfully do their jobs well.
God also sees our faithfulness in the things we do. Though we may think our deeds—big and small—sometimes go un-noticed, they are being observed by the One who matters most. Whatever our task today, let’s “do all in the name of the Lord Jesus” (Col. 3:17). —
Cindy Hess Kasper.
Whatever task you find to do,
Regardless if it’s big or small,
Perform it well, with all your might,
Because there’s One who sees it all. —Sper
"Daily work takes on eternal value when it is done for God."


Lauren Kelly said...

This was GREAT! I needed to hear this today. Your blog always inspires me!!! :O)

Belinda said...

Hi, Jody: Your post today was very "needed." It reminded me of a man who was the janitor of our church when I was growing up. He went about his work (mostly unnoticed) during the week so the church would be ready for Wednesday night and Sunday services for years and years and years. When he passed away (over 20 years ago), I remember my dad saying, "He was the most faithful man I have ever known." Nothing done faithfully for God is insignificant... whether it's raising a family well or keeping a church clean (or anything else the world may deem mundane or ordinary). You wrote something that will help many people today put their lives in perspective. Today, you did something that really and truly matters.

Have a good Thursday.

mindibz said...

Wow. I'm another who needed to hear this today. Thanks for sharing!

C.E.R. said...

Oh Jodi, I needed that today. Thank you!

Beth said...

Thank you! I needed this today!

Kris with a K said...

Thank you for the reminder.

Julie said...

Going along with all the other comments, me too! ;)

brooke lynn said...

yes, the same old gets to me. dishes, laundry, feeding etc. thank you for this reminder!!

Hopesrising said...

Jody, When I was a SAHM many years ago. My husband was a emt/paramedic and had a side job at a local lumber company driving high-los. My kids were young at that point. I am sure he wondered how he would do his job and me mine at home. It was long hours for him away and long ones at home with the same old stuff just a different day. I remember being to the point of bored and depressed at times to. But it was the right thing for the time. I look back and think how did we do that. Durning that time my nephew who was a year older them my oldest came to live with us on and off. So 4 kids was never boring but mundane at times.
We had a lot of sickness in the family durning that time. Then when my kids were 11, 13 15 and my nephew was 16. Cancer hit and that was a really interesting time to. I agree after that I wondered would I be doing all the right things in knowing how fast life can be snatched away.
It was then I realized each of us ,you me and everyone reading is a special part of God's Will. If I can term it this way.
Now years later..My husband and I are helping to raise our first Grand Daughter. Its hard to some days I am just exhausted and it seems like the same things done daily. But then I think,Wow I m still here to see her have the time with her. Then I swallow hard and move on.
I needed to read this today. I gotta admit.. being younger when you have your kids is for a reason:) I m not an old Grandma but its hard someday and today I am pooped.
But reading made me stop and think the importance of what I do daily.
As always thanks Jody

Madeline said...

Hi Jody

I feel that all too often, so your post was perfect today, especially the last paragraph. Thank you!

Little Miss said...

Thank you, I needed to hear that.

Tricia Moran said...

Thank you for that post. It's good to be reminded of how important every little thing we do is. Especially to our children. I have been feeling very overwhelmed lately with the "monotony" of being at home, constantly at the mercy of little needs (and I only have two children!) so I admire you greatly.. I became a single Mom about two years ago and there days when I want to cry with the exhaustion. But, it's worth every minute when I see the results in my children. Thanks for reminding me of that. Your family is wonderful.


Fern said...

Thank you for sharing that devotional...I really needed to hear it! May the Lord bless you in the ordingary mundane tasks of the day today!

joy said...

Thanks Jody for your post! As most of these posts mention ~ I needed to read this today. I have only been back at home as a SAHM since October, and at first, it was great. Now, I am feeling down and not able to keep up and that nothing is ever noticed when I do get it done. This post was definitely needed today. Thanks so much for your faithful blogging and writing was in on your heart. It reaches and touches so many, including me.