Tuesday, December 16, 2008

On this day in 1967...

My parents were married on Dec. 16th, 1967. I wish I had a wedding photo of them. They have such a wonderful, true, love story. I'll give you the short version... from their first date to the day they were married was 3 months. =) I can tell you today, 40+ years later, they are happily married and in love more than they were back then. I feel fortunate to have watched them model what a good marriage can and should look like through many of those years. I love that they have both changed and evolved together in so many ways. They are the kind of people that you can't imagine being apart; one without the other just wouldn't really be the same. Like milk and cookies. Somethings were just meant to be together. Today I wish them a very Happy Annivesary and hope they enjoy more love and happiness together for at least a few more years! =)
Then there's little Crew. I put him in a button-down shirt and suddenly he looked like a little man to me. How does that happen?! I also have to tell you that I took one of his 'santa baby' pictures and set my desktop background with it and now there are 3 pictures of him in a row. It's very cute, but the best part is that every time he sees himself on the laptop he gets the biggest grin and then starts smiling and even "talking" and laughing at himself. I found even when he's starting to fuss that I can show him those pictures of himself and he snaps right out of it. It's really funny and cute at the same time. Funny, because he doesn't even know it's his picture, and yet he's so taken by the baby in the pictures. I'm sure we'll tell him this story when he grows up and he'll be very embarrassed at himself. But it's cute for now!
As we prepare to pack and trek across 4 states back home to Minnesota for Christmas with our families, I'm beginning to think I should print out the santa baby photo and have it posted where he can look at it from his carseat for 14 hours. I'm trying not to dread the trip. Feel free to start praying for our family right now. I'm sure we'll need some prayers to survive the long hours and hundreds of miles on the road!
We'll be driving on my birthday and I am hoping that I can use that as leverage for the kids to behave. For at least 7 hours anyway! Wish us luck and if I don't post between then and now, I've either had a nervous breakdown trying to pack for 7 people, or I'm keeping Crew happy in front of the computer screen while he laughs at himself. This is my life... it's a little bit of this and that right now!
Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad.
We'll give you hugs and kisses when we see you in less than a week!


Adrienne said...

Have fun in MN! Baby, it's cold! Hope you have long johns and those lava bun warmers and those thingys you put in your boots that heat up! You'll do great! I pray your birthday is blessed and that time with fam and friends in MN is AWESOME! Have fun, Jody, and Merry Christmas! Ade xoxox

Vicky said...

I have to skip first to the Crew photo, my first thought was "little man" too. So cute.

Happy Anniversary to your mom and dad : ) 40 plus years is really something to celebrate!

You might know this already but I'll share just in case. We used to travel to MN at Christmas too. I would get a backpack for each one and put items from the dollar store inside. A pack of cards, little blocks to build with, a doll, etc. For them it is something new, its inexpensive and it truly helped.

But I will pray for you no matter what : )

Blessings for a wonderful holiday trip!

Anonymous said...

i was trying to think of somethings for the kids to keep busy for your trip too. Movies-travel bingo is great....my son loves to color----{i am sure you all will be fine---I fill for you} HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to a gal that seems so interesting and I wish I knew better. GOD BLESS and BE SAFE Amy- Indiana

Anonymous said...

sorry about that---ha I feel for you!

Nichole said...

We are headed back to MN for christmas too. Fortunately we only have 9 hours home. Hope you have a blast and stay as warm as a mn winter possibly lets you.

he is becoming a little man. he is so adorable.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary to your mom and dad. Your little Crew is just a doll. Have a wonderful holiday!

MiMi said...

Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday, and have a safe trip. I've already sent up a prayer for your family. Crew is adorable in today's post. Have you shown him the mirror yet?

Jewel said...

have a great time on your trip. I'll pray for happy kids and good weather.

LucieP said...

you're from MN? Did I know this...
I went to high school there..don't miss the cold!

Congrats to your parents!

Just about everyday, through parenting and partnering, I always think of them and hope that I am setting a great example that they did!

Crew is losing some of the newborn looks! ;)~ Awwww

Anonymous said...

Hey Jody,
Not that you asked, but I have another long car trip tip that I read in some magazine...it really works--it even made it go by faster for me! Now, this might not be doable for your 4 big kids, since I only have 2, but if you keep the items small, it's fun..

You find as many small items as you can (like the dollar store suggestion) and wrap each one in aluminum foil. You need one for each hour--for each kid--jeez, that is 56 items for you! But some could be as simple as a candy cane or a piece of gum. Then, I set my cell phone to go off each hour, and I throw them their treat--it makes the time go by faster, and they love it!

Not that you actually have time to go shopping for that many little things, but if you do...it could work--and you don't necessarily have to buy Crew any at all.

Oh--another perk is that the aluminum foil can be made into a big ball, or scultped into various objects...

Merry Christmas!

ABCDH said...

Your daughter, Wyndam, resembles your Dad quite a bit.
You have an adorable family!
Signed, a big fan from MN.

Jackie said...

Crew is such a "lil punkin' !
SO adorable !

Congrats to your Mom & Dad !

Will be praying for you as you make your trip to MN.

Merry Christmas !

shalay said...

I hope you have a happy birthday and manage to hold on to your sanity while in that car! And what a sweet story about your parents. I love hearing true love stories like that. Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

I hope you have safe travels!


Kim said...

You look JUST like your mother....gorgeous.
And Crew.... WHAT A CUTIE!