Friday, December 12, 2008

I was a little girl in the 1970's.

I just couldn't pass up sharing these photos today and in so doing, hopefully encourage some of you to squeeze in a little handmade goodness into your home this Christmas. As this title suggests, I am a child of the 70's. What that means in my life is that I still own my Miss Beasley doll that I got when I was only 2. I still love to watch episodes of the Brady Bunch and I wish I could go for a drive in our powder blue Plymouth Chrysler that I so fondly recall sitting unbuckled in the front seat on the folded down "hump" where I could see out the front window and turn the metal dials back and forth searching for a certain radio channel.
It means I still love bold colors and patterns and I'd give anything for to spend an afternoon sitting next to our old record player and sing along with tunes from scratchy LP's. =)
What happens to me as I browse the internet (as I was doing this morning while sipping coffee with gingerbread creamer) is that sometimes I come across images and/or stories that take me right back to that wonderful decade in my life.
Today I decided this stuff was too good to pass up, so I am sharing Danielle Thompson's home with you via this link to her blog. I would pack only a few things to wear and leave everything I own to move into her home. I just love her eclectic style and her eye for color and funky/retro design. It's inspiring to me. She recently posted a lengthy tutorial to make the beautiful felt trees that you see here too. I think if I only get the chance to make one or two items for my home this Christmas that these trees would have to be it! They are adorable and doable in an afternoon. She also has some wonderful digital designs that are great for scrapbooking, gift-giving and for creating lots of special homemade goodies. You'll find links and information on all her designs on her blog too.
I have other people and places that inspire me- especially at Christmas time- but this is my top pick for today. Maybe next week I'll share another link or two.
In the meantime, if you have a special site or blog that inspires you- at Christmas or anytime, I'd love for you to link me up! Feel free to leave a web address in the comments and I'll hope to get around to each site.
Have a great weekend as you continue to prepare your heart and home for Christmas this year.
Edited to add:
My friend, Courtney, is holding a can drive on her blog until tomorrow morning. She's giving you the chance to help her efforts, if you just stop by her blog and leave a comment! Please take a minute of your time to contribute to this great cause- there are so many people who could use help this Christmas. This is a chance to help make a tiny difference without even moving from where you are right now. Thanks for helping...go here to leave your comment.

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