Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mr. Monkey Pants

This post is for my sister, Stephanie and her kids, Aly and Luke. We love Crew's new monkey pants- thank you! =) We had to roll them up a bit, but they are just too cute and he'll grow out of them so quickly, that's why we're letting him wear them now. And that irresistible shirt?! Adorable as well, plus it makes for great practice for the kids learning their letters.
I think thw world would be a happier place if we all sewed a little toy to our pockets and had the option of "pulling out some fun" whenever our days called for it. It almost makes me want to be a kid all over again.
Almost. =)
Speaking of kids...I am bombarded with cute kid sayings and "drama" every day and don't document it near enough. So I'll cover just a few from the past week that I can recall.
Ava picked out Barbie cereal at the store and was trying to figure out what one of the marshmallow shapes was in her bowl the other morning. {Really now, did you even know they made Barbie cereal??!! I don't think it has any nutritional value, but it does make your milk change color.} Anyway, she said, "Is this supposed to be the butterfly marshmallow?", to which Brock responds, "No. It doesn't have an exoskeleton so it's definitely not a butterfly."
I just smiled and was pleased to think that our money for tuition is paying off in 4th grade science class at this point in time!
Then there was Bella's observation, "Why do babies love their mommies so much...Crew loves you the best." Uh...I didn't get too far into that except to say that after growing inside a mommy so long they just feel more safe and clam around their mommies. I have to admit though, he is a little momma's boy right now, and I am totally okay with that.
Even Wyndham makes us smile at some of her antics and dances and choices she makes these days. She is loving our little Flip video and I just may have to post her "live" here if I can figure out how to link a video to the blog.
All in all I really am amazed that kids can add so much fun and joy to life in such small and simple ways. I love that I know about stuff like "Horton's Whoberry Shampoo" and how loud kids can sing to a Camp Rock soundtrack. I love that they think store-bought pumpkin sugar cookies are reason to proclaim their love for me, even though all I do is preheat an oven, break the dough apart and bake for 10 minutes. I love that I was thrust into motherhood "against my will" but that my heart has forever been changed as a result and I am a better person for having my "will broken".
I am just grateful today for little things like monkeys sewn into pockets and Johnson's baby wash. I may be sleep-deprived but I'm still able to see the simple blessings in our days. Here's to doing that in our makes it so much more fun.


Claire said...

Am I the first commenter? What an honor...

Jody - I want Monkey Pants! Aly should start up a business making them... it's one way to save for college!!!


jsprik said...

if only we all saw the simple blessings in day-to-day life, the world would be such a different place. one of my simple blessings is your blog!! hugs and prayers...

Shannon said...

So enjoy all your pics... and posts!

sandra said...

monkey pants are cuteness and Crew in them-the cutest thing ever!!!
awwh, you make me want to have kids Jody!!

Carrie said...

I'm still laughing about Brocks comment, how cute!

....t said...

Jody, you do not know me. i was directed to your blog by accident, although i know that with God there are no accidents. My life will never be the same after reading about you are your precious family. For some reason i find myself reading about your family everyday. It makes me so grateful, but not grateful in the aspect that i have never had to walk through the grave trials that you have. i am grateful for the grace of God. The same grace that He so lovingly pours out on His kids. Although i have never buried a child i watch one of my sons die a little more everyday. He is 25(one of four), Mr "i have the world by the strings" but his world is full of addiction. So many that i do not want to list them all. Seth is in the world up to his eyeballs but yet he still desires to be a part of our family. Well, this blog is not about our family. As i read of your faith, grace and peace while listening to your site music, i find myself encouraged, in a raw sort of way. It gives me hope that if my God is big enough to pour out His love and grace on your wonderful way, He still can work in the life of my son. Thank-you Jody for sharing your pain and victory so that God may reach others. i have fallen in love with you and your family. May God bless you....t(teri)