Wednesday, October 22, 2008

More thoughts on the game...

Here are more pictures of Crew. If you're related to him and live out-of-state, these are for you. Click on the top photo to enlarge it and see the little bubbles he made with his mouth as he slept. I love tiny baby bubbles and probably spent too much time watching him make them yesterday. But it was one of my "big plays" in the game we call life.
I was thinking more about the idea of making big plays and being ready for the snap in reference to my post yesterday and I have come to another conclusion. I felt more on top of things as I ran a couple of errands and got a quick haircut and picked the kids up from school and topped off the day by making tacos for dinner. It felt good to "get things done", but what I found out was when I left Crew and Ava with Chip for a couple of hours and came home to a baby sleeping with a pacifier in his mouth (he has only used it about 4 times and usually only for a few minutes at a stretch) and he was content and Ava was happily playing, and I noticed how much I missed just being home with them.
Just being home with them.
It's no small thing.
It's a "big play" in the game of life. It's the season of life for our family right now and I realized that my main focus and challenge is to be a good mom and wife and to soak up the moments that connect the hours of our days. Like the bubbles that Crew made as he slept...I could miss them or ignore them altogether and maybe I could have used that time to make Jell-o, but instead I soaked up time. Time that I will never get a chance to take back. Time that slips away all too quickly. Time that I will, sometime in the future, wish for as I look back on these {way too many} photos that I take.
Yes, there's something to be said about being on top of our game. But I think what's also so important is knowing what "position you are playing" and recognizing the importance of that, and then making the most of how it all matters in the scheme of things.
Today I made another "big play".
I took a nap. =)
Or should I say, Chip allowed me to sleep while Crew slept- through the dinner hour and even longer- and it felt so good. I can't thank him enough for stepping it up and letting me get that rest. Not only that, but he also made dinner for the family, and I awoke to the smell of brownies baking in the kitchen and I heard kids' happy voices. Now that's a big play! I think that's what I'm trying to say. Maybe making dinner and letting someone sleep doesn't seem like a big deal, but it made a big difference for me today and that's what life is about.
Showing people how much you care and giving of yourself and being in the moment so that it makes a difference in the lives of others around you. I have to admit, I love blogging and praying for many of you and sending emails to encourage others and laughing and crying as I "share life" with many of you- friends, family and 'strangers'. I may not get all the clutter picked up around our house each day, but I am glad when I take time to answer notes and stay in touch and care about what happens to you and those you love too. Thanks for letting me make plays in your lives and reminding me that this- this season of life- is so important to savor and just be in it as it unfolds. I strive to live with purpose and intention, and that, I believe, is what makes all the difference in "the game".


sarah said...

He is such a cutie ~ and I still think he looks like Chip. And you look GREAT, Jody! Not at all like you've recently given birth. You go, girl!

Yarnmomma said...

Let me just say you are an awesome woman... Your blogging is allowing us to hear your testomony about your life and the lord...

Thank You for sharing it ....You are quite inspirational..

sandra said...

oh jody, he is beyong adorable!!

Belinda said...

Hi, Jody:

It's a little uncanny, but the blog I posted last night was about seasons, too. I'm not in your season right now, but I posted an article I wrote in 1997 about my "season," and I had two sweet little boys and newborn little girl. We are on the same page today.

I'm glad you got the extra rest. Naps are a wonderful thing... so are husbands who cook dinner. (I have been blessed to enjoy both on occasion.) Have a good day!


Vicky said...

Thanks for the reminder! You always give me such a good frame of reference to start the day. Just a little tidbit that seems to stay with me and shape my actions and thoughts for the day... oh and warms my heart... especially with those beautiful pictures of Crew! Thanks for choosing "us" over clutter!

mindibz said...

I've been lurking for about 6 months and just have to say I love your posts. You are making "big plays" in my life by the thought provoking, honest, and vulnerable words you write. Thank you.

N, Kelly, D, E and Zoe said...

Jody, thank you for this reminder. I've been struggling lately with feel discontent in this season. Your last two posts have really helped me evaluate "what position I'm playing." I just wanted to thank you. God really used you to speak to my heart.

Thanks again.

In Him,

mimi said...

I think you are a beautiful MoM and I love your blog. Your blog lets me go back in my mind to my days as a new mommy and relive those moments(I am a grandmother of 5, with the youngest being 3, so no more grandbabies even :-( for me). So I THANK YOU so much for letting me go back in my memories and grab hold of those days and moments long gone.

Nuts in a Tree said...

Such a great post today...not that the others are not. :) It really touched me and I am more focused thanks to your words. Too much time worrying about picking up things, etc. and not enough time to watch or make bubbles is what's been happening around thanks for the gentle reminder to get things back in the correct order. :)

Rhonda :)