Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My new pink baby. =)

He would heartily deny it, but if you ask me, my husband Chip, is growing more like my dad each year. My dad worked for Service Master for a time and still does his share of carpet cleaning as a caretaker/clergy for a large facility in the Twin Cities, MN. {And if you've followed my blog for any length of time, you know just how highly I think of my dad- so this is actually a "good thing" in my eyes.} =)
I pointed out a pink vaccum on sale at Target in the Sunday ad this week and mentioned to Chip that we also have an additional 10% off for a day- plus some of the money in this purchase goes to a very worthy cause to fight breast cancer. It seemed like an obvious, "let's get it" to me. Chip hesitated however, and made an excuse about not needing another vaccum, but by yesterday morning he had not only purchased it, but was cleaning the main level with it. My new pink baby. =)
It's true we didn't need it- as in life or death- but it was something we've talked about for awhile and after seeing how much dirt/dust this new baby cleaned up, it's seems almost as if it were a necessity! We plan to get years of use out of this item and I hope I like the color pink for just as long.
I had to post this recent (and likely last) family picture of us (as a family of 6) taken a couple of weeks ago by a man in our church- thanks Arland! We don't get too many opportunities to have our photo together, so even though this was after a long, hot afternoon playing in the sun and there are streaks on some faces/shirts, I still love it. I look forward to the next "family picture" I have to post here too. I find myself worn out and tired and having minor contractions almost every night from about 9 pm til 2 am. Then, apparantly I am rested enough that things settle down and I get a few hours of sleep before the next day happens. One of these nights they won't settle down and I won't get the sleep I need. But I think I am ready for that. In fact after last night, I know I am ready for that!
We're looking forward to meeting our new "blue" baby. =)


MandieGirl said...

i thought you were going to write that you had the baby and it was a GIRL! based on the title. You're a tricky one, Jody! It is very cute, though!

Nichole said...

love it. I want to have a green one just like it.

Claire said...

A husband that vaccuums is a husband worth holding onto.


Two Become Three said...

Is that vacuum a Dyson? If so, we have the animal version and LOVE it! I love seeing all the yuck that climbs up into the vacuum cleaner. We have found that it is worth every penny we paid, and more! It makes it really fun for me to vacuum. (It sounds like I have no life... but I do.) Can't wait to find out what you name that precious blue baby.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Nichole -- I want one of those in a green one!
I keep checking in to see if "baby blue" arrived yet -- sending you lots of good wishes and prayers for a quick, smooth delivery.
Btw, great family pic -- can't wait to see the next one!

Anonymous said...

I loved your post. And no fair with the pink baby line. You just shouldn't do that to your readership. By the way, another reason I like parents have owned a ServiceMaster franchise for over 25 years. Your dad = ServiceMaster, my parents = ServiceMaster means we both have the clean gene in our families. :-) Now I must confess that I find Oreck Vacuums to be the best but I'll give you credit for the pink breast cancer cause. It's too cute!


Abbie VDP

Laura said...

oh my gosh. i LOVE my dyson. i love my dyson more than any person should really love a vaccuum. i am so excited for you :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jody...just a quick comment. I was riding in my car this morning and I heard the song Fly Me to the Moon. I was fully expecting to come home and see that you had given birth and that the song was Teagan's way of announcing her new brother's birth to all that know and "read" about her family.

Even though it's not your blue baby...the song made me smile and think of your family and the soon to be addition.


Janna said...

Ooooh, I love it! :) Do those Dyson's work well?

Carrie said...

Wait, whaatttt? A PINK Dyson?!? It is a Dyson, right? Oh my, this is on my list! :)

Jennifer said...

WOW! You have an amazing husband. Awesome present! Hopefully, he will still like to use it with it being pink :)

LAJJmom said...

I saw the pink Dyson, too. I already have one so I really can't justify another one! Love it though. It gets the dirt you didn't even know was there. Take care!

walkingbyfaith said...

I love the family picture! So precious!

Love the pink vacuum! I want one too. :)

Can't wait to meet your blue baby. Praying as you wait...

Robin said...


I have been reading your blog for a few months now but have never commented. I just want to tell you how much I enjoy your writing and love that you're sharing your story as it unfolds and letting your life point people to the Lord!

I'm praying for your upcoming "labor day" and for the new little one God's blessed you with.

Oh, and I think of little Wyndham often - the kid's bus stop is at the corner of our street and "Wyndham Lane"!


Erin said...

Congrats on your boy--what a CUTIE! I have a pink baby too!! Love her!
And when God brings me a hubby, I hope he vaccuums!!