Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mmmm, pumpkin. And prayers.

You all made me very hungry with your favorite fall dessert comments. I especially agree with anyone who said "with whipped cream". I too love anything pumpkin and apple and crisp and cream. What a great time of year for dessert, huh?! Even Starbuck's counts as dessert if you ask me...it's more based on calories and taste, so for sure a Pumkin Spice Latte qualifies in my book.
I thought I would share one of my favorite recipes with you...one that can be modified to suit even the chocolate lovers that stop by here to read each week. It's a easy, delicious, calorie-laden dessert that I found after watching Paula Deen on Food Network one fall afternoon a few years ago.
The dessert is pictured above and you can link to the recipe by clicking here. It's called Pumpkin Gooey Cake, but the recipe has alternate flavors, like Chocolate Peanut Butter or even Banana flavor, for those of you who like things a bit fruitier. I've tried some of the variations, but have to say the pumpkin one is my favorite.
I also thought I'd share a link to some free desktop wallpapers for some of you who are skipping dessert these days. You deserve a little something too! I just changed mine to the picture above and am liking the clean look- yet with an autumn thought.
As for the mini-book giveaway, I will be sending a package to Christi in Orlando who loves pumpkin cake rolls and other pumpkin-flavored desserts. {Just email me your address: nitty.grittyjody@yahoo.com } and I will put some scrap goodies in the mail for you. Thanks to everyone who played along. I just may have to do more giveaways and clean out my scrap space as a result. I love that there are so many of you who love scrapping and creating and making things- even if they are small and simple. As far as I know the Social Butterfly Collection sold out over at SIStv, but I do know that there is a lot more fun and exciting stuff that will be available soon, so check over there or keep an eye out here for links/details.
You can also be praying for Jeanette and her family {JJ is the owner and my "boss"/friend at SIS} and her husband is going through treatments for cancer of the tonsils. I keep thinking of them so often and just know that God is bigger than cancer, that God is bigger than our fears, and I know that God hears our prayers and loves to show Himself to us through the dark times in life as much as the times of blessing.
I hope that I can update you all and post about Bob's complete healing and recovery at some point. Just as I continue to pray for Jaymun and his family. Nothing is too big for God!


Hopesrising said...

I logged on before brunch and that pie is making me hungry.
I will pray for Jeanette and her family. I know from my own situation
with cancer my odds were not good. I tended to put my trust in God and the knowledge he provided my doctors with. I was given three months and Sept29 it will be 11yrs and stable and cancer free. So I feel God is bigger then cancer and many things and many things as well.We just need to trust in His love for us.
Praying for Jaymun as well.
Have a good day Jody

saner4 said...

I love pumpkin, so I will definitely be trying this recipe!

God IS bigger than cancer and everything else we might be going thru right now. Thanks for reminding me/us.
Going to say a prayer for your boss & dh right now.

Anonymous said...

Just finished printing the recipe off! Thanks!
One question though - what is powdered sugar in a box?? We have powdered sugar here but it's called icing sugar, is it the same stuff???
Jennifer Fast

Jill said...

AMEN! Nothing is too big for our God or impossible for Him!

Love the pumpkin recipe and it sure makes me wish I could bake! A few more years and all our girls will be baking like crazy. Ahh the blessings that come from being a large family!

Thinking of you as you wait to deliver the baby!

Praying with you as well on all requests Jody!


sarah, rsm said...

congrats to Christi and i will definitely try that recipe. looks scrumptuous!! 8-P

Anonymous said...

Bless you for sharing this! I am so hungry right now that I could eat your picture on your blog!! :-) I look forward to making it.

kim brimhall said...

this blog always brightens my day...there is such a spirit here...i wish i could meet you in person to feel the happy goodness that i know is YOU.


Nichole said...

I made a pumkin guey cake last year for thanksgiving...it was a total hit. delish but full of calories.

totally agree that nothing is too big for God. Totally prayin for JJ and her family.

Christine said...

Hey Sweetie!!! How are you doing? Just wanted to pop over and say hi - thanks for he reminder about the Starbucks pumpkin spice latte-will have to get one tomorrow!!

Tina Vega said...

Someone had sent me that Paula Deen pumpkin recipe and I'm eating it as I type! It is SOOOOOOOO yummy.

Tricia Wilson said...

Stalking your blog waiting for news of your new bundle from Heaven. That pumpkin pie looks sinful, but delicious!

Bridget said...

That pie looks soo good!