Thursday, August 07, 2008

Sending our love home.

Brock and Chip are headed to Minnesota to be with Chip's family at this time. My doctor "highly discouraged" a 10-hour roadtrip for me at this point in the pregnancy. I'm already showing signs of making progress and with the number of babies I've had, plus the fact that Ava was early just added to her recommendation for me and this baby.
Everything is going well at this point- no major concerns- which is always a good thing. I like "normal and routine", and hopefully I can heed some advice to take it easy as much as possible.
We would all like to be home with our family this weekend, but I know they all understand and if they can feel our love through Chip and Brock, well then that is the important thing.
Thanks for your prayers and wishes for comfort.

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Melissa Ferlaak said...

Of COURSE we understand!! Gosh when I heard you were even considering coming after having those contractions I thought no way will her doctor let her do that! :) Definitely hope you have a nice relaxing weekend and no baby coming out early without daddy there! :)
Much love to you,