Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Mine's not as cute...

I couldn't help myself after seeing those knitted mushrooms. So I made a hybrid mushroom with felt/fabric after seeing the cute sewn animals here at Martha Stewart's site. I just hand-cut my little mushroom and made it up as I went along. I had no pattern and no clue what it would look like when it was finished.
The girls thought it was cute when it was done and took turns holding it. I asked Bella if she thought it looked more like a mushroom or a tiny tree. She replied, "It looks like like a little pepperoni pizza!".
Oh well.
It was a meager attempt at being crafty. I still am inspired to learn to knit- someday! =)


Kirsty said...

LOL! Kids can be so mean sometimes - but also ever so cute!!!!

I think its looks gorgeous, and not at all like a pepperoni pizza!

Heather said...

Hi Jody. I've been reading your blog for quite some time now. You sound like an incredible mom. Your faith and honesty has really made me look within myself and see how I can improve :) Thanks for that.

Hillary said...

I love your little mushroom...it is so cute... :) And, it was made with love and that's what counts...

have a blessed day!

metrochic said...

i love your little pepperoni pizza! :)

Jennifer said...

I think it's a cute little mushroom! Love your blog!

Jenny said...

Hi Jody. I have been reading your blog for awhile and thank you for your honesty, your character, your inspiration, and your spirit. You seem to me like one fun and spunky chick my dear! :) I think your mushroom is adorable by the way!

I had to let you know something about your transparency post (which was well written and very moving and selfless)... when I first saw the title on my bloglines I instantly thought of the scrapbooking use of that word. Not funny based on the content of that post... but it gave me a scrapbookish type chuckle later on - what an addictive hobby we share!

That said, in that same post (the transparency one) I longed to write to you - but just could not when reflecting on your loss and the losses others shared.

So I am picking a more light post to write this in. While I know that my loss is so much less then most of you - I still struggle right now, so much. It's like i'm drowning sometimes. You see I moved to MI a bit less then a year ago and I just dislike it here so much. I feel like my heart was left behind with my friends, family, my life. When, I wonder, will I ever get used to how different it is here? (i'm from the east coast) Will I ever meet friends like i had - the lifelong close kind who would come over in an instant? So far, though I have tried traditional things (crops, volunteering, etc) and live in a neighborhood (Michigan has lots of neighborhoods doesn't it) I just want to be allowed to time warp back to change the decision that did this to my (our) life.

Thank you for "listening". Thank you for your posts. I hope that you are feeling well these days.