Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Our mini-summer vacation.

It was spontaneous and fun-filled. Our family rarely gets away for time together in the summer due to Chip's demanding schedule at the golf club. But a co-worker/friend of his offered his cabin up to us for an overnight and we couldn't say no. {Thanks, Lew!} So we packed food, swimwear, sunblock, pillows and the camera (among a few other things that filled the whole back of the van) and we were on our way.
It turned out to be perfect weather- even though there were some clouds and a few raindrops late the first night- for enjoying the paddleboat, kayaks, sandy beach, breakfast on the deck, smore's and more over the charcoal grill, local ice cream, swimming, splashing, relaxing, laughing, playing, trying new things, and making memories in a 24-hour timepan that will last a long time.
I took over 100 pictures- yes, I'm obsessive, but then again, this rarely happens- because I wanted to capture the fun. I hope you find the opportunity to capture some summer fun and make some memories of your own. As for that Cub's t-shirt Chip is wearing... he's still a Twin's fan at heart. But last week he joined his boss and family and friends at Chicago's Wrigley Field for a game in which his boss/GC owner got to throw out the first pitch. I guess it was another day of fun and memories. That's what summer is all about. I love soaking it up. Almost as much as the kids do. Happy July to all of you!


Sara said...

That's so fantastic! My favorite memories growing up are going to the lake boating on Sundays with my family. There were six of us kids, and we would go to 7:00 Mass then head to the lake. We didn't have a ton of money, but that boat was like a vacation every week. Hope you get more days like that soon!


Becca said...

Jody- your pictures are so amazing! I just love the clarity and vibrance that comes out of them. What kind of camera do you have?

Mere said...

I'm SO glad y'all got that oppurtunity!! YOU DESERVE IT!! Pics are great too!!!

Love, Mere


patterns of ink said...

I'm jealous!
That's what I love about west Michigan. There are vacation lakes like this all up and down the shoreline. This looks like great fun--and you deserve it now that your final deadline is met!

We're at Julie's folks in Kansas--no lakes like this here--but it's great to be with family. Tomorrow we go to her sister's lake house on a lake like this in Missouri. That will be great!

Sunshine said...

So glad ya'll were able to get out and enjoy a little get away - those are the best kind! Enjoyed all the pictures as well! Sunshine

Stephanie said...

thanks for sharing!!! love, love, love your pictures. somehow i think you love soaking up the summer with your family just as much as your children:) those are memories you will cherish forever...sometimes the simplest forms of fun are the times that we remember as our favorite! i hope i can take 100 pics of all of our soon-to-be fun this weekend! thanks for the inspiration!