Monday, June 30, 2008

Still a little time to...

buy something in the ScrapInStyle Boutique (tonight until midnight CST) and be eligible for a grand prize which includes everything you see pictured in the second photo here. Also, there is free shipping on all orders domestic orders of $50 or more. Talk about a good deal! There's a lot going on at SIStv tonight and you read this there are games and challenges under message board threads titled "Slumber Party". I had previously mentioned that the Girly-Girl Collection goes on sale today. That's what you see in the top photo and what I used to scrap this for Wyndham's room...a little wall-hanging.
Speaking of slumber party.
Our family took a spontaneous trip up to a friend's cabin this weekend and we had a little bit of our own slumber party. The weather was gorgeous and I have a sunburn to prove it. The kids loved the lake and Brock was an expert kayaker...we had no idea he would do so well! I have a ton of photos, but also a ton of wet swimsuits, towels and dirty bedding to wash, as well as some home keeping to do as a result of our trip. So you will just have to be patient for pictures from the lake.
I have to say, as much as it's fun to get away for a short time, it mostly serves to reaffirm to me just how much of a homebody I am. And nothing feels better than a shower {with Buttercream shower gel} and your own bed once you get home. =)


allaboutattitude said...

oh so pretty.
those are so hard to find in malaysia

Karey said...

Got my e-mail today from sistvbotique and to my surprise there is a picture of one of my blog girls I check daily. Still looking good.

FlipFlop Mom said...

Home is truely where the heart is!!!

Those are so pretty and fun!!!
I itched to go to the scrapbooking store on Sunday.. but I decided not to.. due to oil prices that are going to KILL us this winter.. have to save all my pennies!!!

But I really WANT...( lol lol) those!!! Ü

Mere said...

CUTE :) I love the wall hangning you made! It's ADORABLE!!


Heather in Nashville said...

Hi Jody!
Love the wall hanging for Wyndham. Pom-poms rock!!!