Thursday, May 08, 2008

Scrappy fun~

I recently got a box of some of my favorite scrap stuff ever- the soon-to-be-released {May 12th} Hipster Collection from SIStv. I started scrapping an ultrasound picture... which you can view here, and I also took a picture of me 'wearing' a piece of the ribbon as a choker necklace- just for kicks. =)
I scrapped a door hanger which reads, " is sleeping" because I figured I will definitely need to post that for my kids to see soon enough! I'm thinking I should start practicing with it already- just to make sure they understand the concept by October. =)
I also have to follow up yesterday's post with another Happy Meal story that still makes the kids laugh each time I tell it.
This story is one of their favorites about Teagan- it happened when she was about 3 years old. We traveled many times up through Michigan's UP {Upper Penninsula} across Wisconsin and back home to the Twin Cities, MN. On this particualr trip we stopped and grabbed McDonalds for lunch and we were so happy to sit outside by their play area and eat in the fresh air. Teagan was tired of sitting, and I don't blame her. Twelve hours in a car seat is way too much for any little child to endure. We asked her to eat first and play as soon as she was done, but she wouldn't think of it. The slide was too tempting. She took a couple of bites of her cheeseburger and then said, "I'll come eat more in a minute". Just as she got to the top of the slide, she yelled to me to look up at her and as she started to go down the slide, a bird swooped right next to me and grabbed her cheeseburger in its beak and flew away.
Teagan saw it happen. I started laughing...she started crying. If my memory serves me correctly, Chip tried to scold her for leaving her food and playing first...but her tears got him- just as they did every other time she 'poured on the charm' for her Daddy. He got her calmed down and wiped her tears and headed back inside to buy her another burger. She went down the slide a few more times, and then ate her 'new Happy Meal'. She laughed about the bird eating her cheeseburger several times on that trip. We still laugh about it years later.
They may not be the most nutrious meal...but they definitely can be memorable and Happy. =)


Lorie said...

That story was so sweet and it reminds me that we are that way with God, He lays out good for us and we say, wait a minute I want to do this. Then when we see our choice go bad before our eyes, He lovingly restores good for us. I love your blog and come see you everyday. Congrats on a boy.
Be Blessed;o)

the rye family said...

sweet story - and fun to read that your travels took you through the u.p. and on to wisconsin - that means you went right through my town which is close to the wisconsin border - what a small world we live in! :)

Stephanie said...

I just want you to know that you brighten my day:) hugs-steph

Janna said...

That is so funny! What a wonderful memory of your sweet little girl. ♥

Dani said...

My name is Dani and I came across your blog today. I have read several posts and have really enjoyed reading them. I just thought I would say HI and tell you I felt I needed to pray for you. Hope to talk to you soon.

Dani said...

oh and I LOVE to scrapbook!! :) I don't think I am near as good as you but I still enjoy it. :)