Friday, February 22, 2008

Look what I found...

I found 9 pictures of our family at the ice cream shop on a memory card yesterday. It was a fun surprise for me to find these summery pics at this time- when our highs were in the single digits and the snow is piled up everywhere we look outside.
If I remember correctly, this was our last little hurrah before the kids were to start school. It was our last chance to make a summer family memory and wrap up all the sun and fun that summer holds. I miss that right now.
These pictures have created a longing in my heart for things to come. Not just the tastes of summer, but the carefree days and the warmth of sun and the idea of having nothing of major importance on the schedule. I love summertime. I think I needed to see these pictures just to remind me that better days are coming, fun stuff lies ahead, and the sun will shine and the earth will feel warm again.
I love that in these few pictures I was reminded of how God designed the seasons, that He created 'good things' and that even as my heart longs for summer- even moreso it longs for a place where things will be made new and perfect again. I long for Heaven- it has been intense and growing with each passing day ever since Teagan died and life changed for me. I have longed for things in this world to 'be made right and new' and as I seek Him, I long to see Him face-to-face more than anything in this world.
Today I snapped at my kids as they rushed to get their things gathered for school. I grumbled to Chip about the weather and about life and all it's monotony. I looked around at the chores that needed to be done and the things that are demanding my time and attention. I realized I owe my loved ones apologies for being short with them and for complaining too. I asked God to forgive me for my shortcomings and then I thanked Him for this longing I do have- for something more- for something perfect and beautiful. I thanked Him for not giving me such a wonderful life that I miss the fact that there is more coming in the next. I'm glad that life isn't always filled with warmth and giant chocolate-covered waffle cone sundaes. Because the truth is, if my life were too rosy, I likely wouldn't need God and His tender mercies and constant reminding that Heaven awaits. Instead, the simple needs of my heart are bent toward Heaven and that is something I could never have found on my own. It's taken struggles and seasons of grief and 'imperfection' for me to know and long for something more. Today I am thanking God for giving me and all of us the gift of seasons in our lives.


Ashley Perrigin/Mississippi said...

You are so right. sometimes if we have too much we don't have the longing for things. I am glad God didn't give me a perfect life, because it just makes me strive to be a better person as a Christian. I love your blog, i hope the pregnancy is going well. Happy Friday!1

Jan said...

Oh, Jody, you are so wise. Again, you've blessed me and brought tears to my eyes with your heartfelt writing. And it's so true - it IS the winters of life that make the summers so much sweeter! And the summers here on earth are NOTHING compared to what lies ahead.... :)
Blessing to you and yours today! :)

Latharia said...

I also am so grateful for the seasons & the turning of the Earth. It makes me appreciate time that much more!

Anonymous said...

You and I are sort of on the same "wave length" today. Not that I spent time snapping at family members (we have an "empty nest" and I didn't see my DH this morning)...but we are blessed so very much in this country. We are considered wealthy by 2/3's of the rest of the world. I once heard in a sermon that if I have "TWO" dresses (outfits or whatever) in my closet that those "2/3's" people would envy me as being "rich"!!!
I have been "grossing" about the looong winter this year, quite alot. I've envied my friends who are going to warmer climates to vacation---forgetting that I too have already done this earlier! BUT I'd like to do it again! Have you ever traveled to another place where it would be considered a 3rd world country and you're in a luxury hotel while the people of that area serve you?? What a humbling experience to go out of the area and see where they "get to" live!
The seasons...I've heard it said that God brings each one on gradually as if they were to emerge suddenly, the shock would be too much for us to bear! Not sure about that...but the seasons (even of our lives) really have many blessings if we take the time to look!
Good Blog Entry today Jodie!!!

jewell said...

I needed that reminder today. I have been a grumpy grump:):)

Nicole said...

I am so glad to hear your message today. You word things so well. I live in Texas and we have yet to have a winter so I long for just a few drops of snow. I guess it depends on where you live. Isn't it great how God makes us all so different and we appreciate each season for various reasons. I too look forward to the next life and can't even imagine what it will be like. Hang in there spring is on the way.

asnipofgoodness said...

You are right on it! What a wonderful thing to be thankful for! Thank you Lord for the hard stuff that keeps me on my knees, and reminds me of my need of you, and my longing for my "real" home.

All moments remembered said...

Thanks for the blessings your blog always brings to me. You get me to think deeper and remember to be thankful for the blessings we receive. Thank you Jody!!!
I hope the kids are all doing well and your pregnancy is going fantastic.