Monday, February 18, 2008

Buttercream overload.

Brock is having a great birthday. He said it's great because there is no school, he got new games for the Wii and he got Ryke's cake with buttercream frosting and Bavarian cream filling. Ok. Just a few calories in a slice of that cake. But that's what birthdays are for, right? A little indulgence is a wonderful thing when it's done with moderation.
These pictures are for my mom and dad. They've had Ryke's cake with us before and I just had to give them a 'taste' of what they're missing. It really is that delicious! And tomorrow we'll have leftovers for breakfast. It's all about moderation around here. =) Yum!


Anonymous said... I can't find a buttercream recipe that is good. I've searched high and low and still have not found one that seems that great. Would you consider posting your recipe?..Didn't know if you shared recipes or not. And I'm so glad Brock is having a great day! My kids had a great day home as well!
jen in indiana

MandieGirl said...

I LOVE your kind of moderation- it's the best!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to Brock!

Baby names . . . for a boy, I like Emmett, Finnegan, Chase, or Will. For a girl, Catherine, Elise, Francesca, Juliet, Maria.


glo.riah said...

looks yummy!!

happy birthday brock!!

Britney said...

oh my, double yummy! happy birthday to brock!

Christine said...

happy birthday Brock! Hope you have a wonderful day!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Brock!
Looks like you are having a wonderful Birthday. You have the same birthday as My oldest daughter who also turned 9yrs old today.
Enjoy and with you many more special ones to coome.

Fran Heupel

Jodie said... of my kids' favourite things about birthdays - until the cake is gone, we can eat it for breakfast!!! :-) Yummy.

Happy birthday to Brock and blessings to you all.

Kara said...

MMMmmmm....that looks absolutely delish!

happiest birthdays!!

Lori said...

Yummy!!! Love Ryke's!!!! They have the best, my wedding cake was from there!!!

Q's NEWS said...

Happy Birthday Brock! You're children look so happy! Even Wyndham looks like she is feeling better and smiling again! YAY! Someday maybe I will drive to your house and you can make me that scrumptious looking cake and then I will bring it back to West Virginia with me!!! I am glad your happy household is back to happiness!

Susan in WV

jennikim said...

mmm ryke's cake!! always a treat! :-) happy birthday, brock!

i thought i would leave a comment since i occasionally stop in to see how your family is doing.

we were at the bridge when you and your husband shared your testimony and your daughter's story last year and we were there again a few weeks ago when you shared the news of your pregnancy and update on Wyndham. (we are related to the rexford gang and my husband and i helped lead worship that morning.) i wanted to introduce myself then but didn't catch you guys after the service.

anyway, thought it was about time to "introduce" myself since i keep checking back to your site! :-)

praying for your family-

Shauna said...

Yum- I can almost taste it!!

SAAM said...

hi Jody,
but what beautiful boy that have!
It seems really a little fellow
You also wish Brok the Italy.
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I have known your blog, through an it befriends virtual. your blog has signalled Me, because it unites us a great pain. A child's death.
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kim brimhall said...

gosh jody! he is the sweetest thing!! and that dang cake is sooooo tempting. even over cyberspace!

Q's NEWS said...

PS - is Ryke's the name of a bakery where you live? I just can't stop thinking about Brock's cake!!!


Susan from WV

Jody said...

Yes. Ryke's is the name of the bakery where we got Brock's cake. {You pronounce it Ryke' Bikes.} The Bavarican creme filling is my favorite part of the cake. Mmmmmm.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Brock! Hope your day is AWESOME and the following year even greater than awesome!

susan opel said...

Oh my goodness! That looks YUMMY!

Happy Birthday, Brock!

3QTGUYS said...

Man, that looks delicious!!!

becky said...

happy belated birthday to brock!

and i just have to say that reading your blog is really encouraging! :)