Saturday, January 26, 2008

Looking for inspiration~

While having to spend so much time just watching Wyndham and trying to help her stay comfortable, I have found myself on the laptop a lot this past week. Or I should say, 'more than normal'. =)
I have a long list of blogs and websites that I enjoy surfing through each week just to get inspiration and ideas and sometimes just for a break from my reality- especially with the cold, dreary winter days topped off with illnesses. It's no surprise that I am a fan of colors, graphic design, vintage goodies and just plain fun images/patterns. I thought I would break up the long string of posts here and share with you some links to things that have caught my eye in the past day or two.
One of my new favorite spots to browse and follow links from is the blog of designer Samantha Hahn. She has some free Valentine cards to download...including the "Tossing Cupcake" and "Head in the Clouds" cards pictured here. Just scroll down and you will find a link in her sidebars. I think I just might try and send some cards out this year. There are lots of neat designs to choose from. I hope you find a few that catch your eye too.
The sock monkey seems to be popping up in all sorts of places these days- especially in the scrapping scene as well as in fabric prints. I found the image here from the Purl Soho website...which is a really great place to find unique/high end fabrics and such. I think a sock monkey valentine card would be cute too. I just may have to make one myself.
For the last little bit of inspiration, I will leave you with a link to a wonderful Flickr photo stream. I just fell in love with every single photo posted by Picnic by Ellie. I just love that with a few clicks of the computer I can immerse myself in all sorts of wonderful places/images. Yes, the internet is a wondeful thing when it comes to inspiration. If you happen to have some personal favorites to pass along, feel free to leave links in the comments here. I have a feeling I'll be spending a bit more time helping get Wyndham back on her feet, and with the snowfall we're getting here today, I have no doubt that winter is here for several more weeks. Surfing the net for inspiration just might be the key to getting through this long, dreary stretch of time!
In the scrapbooking world, many people know the name "Donna Downey". She is an inspiration to the crafters and creative people in and outside this industry. Some of you may remember the fun camera bag my friend gave me- especially made by Donna.
She contacted me this week and now is holding an eBay charity auction with the profits of the art canvases going to Hope Network of Michigan in Teagan's name. We are grateful to Donna for her thoughtfulness and her support of our family in such a meaningful way. To view the auction click here. If you'd like to check out Donna's blog, click here.
Thanks Donna, and thanks to everyone who bids on this item as well. It means so much to all our family!


nancy said...

Thanks for the links. I'm always looking for design inspiration!

An Australian Belle said...

Hello, I check in every couple of days to see how you and your family are going, after seeing a comment you wrote on Sheye Rosemeyer's beautiful blog. I so admire your spirit, and your inspirational journey since the loss of your gorgeous Teagan. Your family is so blessed to have you, and you are so blessed to have them. Thinking of you here in sunny Australia.

Lisa said...

Thanks for all those links, I've enjoyed looking at them :)

Kris with a K said...

SO glad you connected with Donna for the auction...I met her briefly when she was in Cedar Park to teach SB classes at our LSS, and she's so sweet and down-to-earth REAL. Someday I hope to meet you in person...I have a big hug ready for you to share with your beautiful family! Get well soon prayers for sweet Wyndham.

Gretchyn said...

Hi Jody-

A few fun links for you to enjoy:

Confessions of a Pioneer Woman -- I found this one through Cathy Zielske's blog a couple of weeks ago. HILARIOUS. I especially love her ongoing story about meeting and marrying her husband whom she refers to as the Marlboro Man.

2 blogs I like that are not scrap related but always make me feel like trying to knit: Yarnstorm -- -- and Posie Gets Cozy --

Finally, the Happiness Project --

Enjoy and happy surfing!

Anonymous said...

I think that is wonderful that she is doing an auction for Hope Network. I attended there for a little over two years after my sledding accident that resulted in the brain injury. It is a great place and I am so glad to know there are people out there that like to help places like that.

I hope Wyndham is improving, I pray for your family each day!!

Katy Vallie

paige said...

that's awesome!
so glad to hear little miss wyndham is feeling a bit better

Amy said...

I have been praying for you and your family. Hoping for healing and easier days soon.

Cecile said...

Hi, I just came across your blog and wanted to say that you have a beautiful family including your little angel thats with God now.You have so much strength and inspiration that flows from you to others not to give up.God bless you and your family.i will be praying for you and your family and hoping that each day that passes we come easier.
You will be in my thoughts.Cecile

Gabrielle Beck said...

LOVE the camera bag, I want the blue and chocolate brown one Donna makes. YUM YUM!

You Jodi are my newest inspiration! Thanks for being exactly who you are! :)

susan opel said...

Cool about Donna D.!

And I love that cupcake picture!

Ladybastard said...

love this blog ^_^