Friday, January 25, 2008

I found this quote...

I was up and going early this morning, and by random link, happened upon a quote that just said exactly what I needed to hear. Maybe it will speak to someone else too.
Wyndham is still needing lots of care and not rebounding like we hoped she would this week. It's been a long 10 days or so...and yet we are told to just 'wait and see'. She did show a few signs of her personality coming back, and she stayed awake longer periods of time. Still, she needs to start eating and drinking a lot more than she is, and we're hoping that kicks in by tomorrow. Thanks for more cards for her and emails and calls. It's nice to know that she has so many people pulling for her. I hope it helps. Soon!
And now, for the really great quote I found this morning...
by Rev. Stacey Rector...
"Our God is not the one who sits high upon a throne in heaven ruling over the world in abstentia but instead bends down low to embrace us where we are. Our God is not one who seeks to be protected from our pain but seeks to be present within it. Our God is the One whose promise to us is that there is no fire so hot, no darkness so deep, no pit so low, no cross so painful that God will not move heaven and earth to share with us."


Rays Family said...

That it did. Thank you Jody.

Praying tomorrow will be a better day for all of you.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful quote. Your family is an amazing example of love. Like the scripture says, the greatest of these is love. You all hang in there! Someone in Oklahoma is praying for your family.

Gretchyn said...

Continuing to pray for you and your family, Jody. Our Bible study group was talking about God being with us through life's trials just yesterday. What a wonderful quote -- I'm going to have to pass that one along.

Thinking of you!

Marcie said...

Prayers from Arizona for Wyndham and for all of you as you care for her. Great quote!

Juli said...

Thanks for sharing the quote. It really moved me. I have a copy stuck inside my prayer journal so I can refer to it when I need a little inspiration.

I hope Wyndham is feeling better today and the whole Ferlaak family has a nice relaxing weekend.

Hugs and prayers,

Anonymous said...

Awesome quote! How wide and how deep is God's love for Wyndham!! He will be your strength in this trial just as He has been in the past. You can trust Him...He IS faithful.

Jodie said...

Amen, Jody! Thanks for sharing that. Still praying for you, your precious Wyndham and all the family.


Leslie said...

a lady from australia shared your blog address with me on my blog.
thank you for sharing that quote.
i have been searching high and low for comforting words.
i lost my husband nearly 2 months ago and i am searching for peace and comfort.
i am grateful for people like you who show their strength in what they write and how they live.
i am finding peace and comfort through the Savior, but it so very difficult to turn my pain over to Him all at once. i cling to His promises.
i have found many comforting words since aaron passed away and i will be adding that comforting quote to my journal. i know it is true.
thank you ever so much.
-leslie *

"Netta's Creations" said...

That quote spoke to my soul and I believe it to the upmost. I found your blog while reading a blog from my bloglines. I have been reading your blog for the last hour. Your life may be diffucult at times but your home and family has so much love and GOD in it, that is why your strength is so strong. I will keep your family in my prayers and thoughts.