Thursday, December 20, 2007

So far...

being 35 is great! I've had a wonderful, mellow birthday. That ended with chocolate fudge bread pudding warm with whipped cream on top. Mmmm. Thanks for all the birthday wishes in the comments and sent to my email today.
I have some really wonderful family and friends! Love from me to you today. ~Jody


Kimberly said...

Happy Birthday girl! I have to say...I have LOVED my 30's the best of all! Even though I am coming to an end to mine in 2 years! Eeeek! It just keeps getting betta! xoxo

Merry CHRISTmas to you and yours!

Kairlotta said...

Welcome to 35 Jody! I love being 35...except for that new wrinkle under my eye. Ha! Happy Birthday girl!

Christal said...

Happy Birthday Jody, Yes, I am still alive just well... You know! LOL! I am glad that you are loving it, and I loved the post about Wyndhamn. Thanks for sharing such a precious moment! BTW Tom's B~day is the 21st! He will be 36!LOL!

scrapnic72 said...

Happy Birthday! I've been at 35 for almost a half-year now, and it's really not that bad! I hope you had a day filled with joy and things that you love.


Disney Scrapper said...

Happy Birthday Jody.

*kim* said...

no buttercream???