Monday, November 05, 2007

Post-Halloween pics...

I received my November Collection called "Autumn Bliss" from SIStv this past week and scrapped one of Bella's pictures from Halloween. {You can see the full page here.} I'm not that into Halloween other than having a few pumpkins outside the front door, and of course, the dressing up and getting candy with the neighbor kids and their families. I was proud of the fact that I let my kids pick their own costumes this year- even if I wasn't totally into their choices.
Ava was a butterfly, Bella changed her mind at the last minute from Cinderella to a 'Princess Pirate' and Brock did his own thing with a cape, some fangs, some make-up and an axe. Wyndham had the choice of being a butterfly or a princess or a clown...but in the end she just bundled up and signed 'thank you' at each door she visited. It was a fun night for all the kids, and I am pleased with the way they have been pacing themselves with their candy. They haven't had to be scolded about their full pumpkins even once! That's a sure sign of maturity, huh?!
So there you kiddos and their costume fun. Now that Halloween is over I can start getting my mind geared up for Christmas. I have a feeling it will sneak up on me this year. My classes and busy family schedule just seem to get the best of me somedays. My goal is to get cards made and a gingerbread village baked and decorated around Thanksgiving time. Lofty goals, but lots of fun involved in them too. Happy Autumn!


patterns of ink said...

Looks like it was a fun night--a much better evening for it that this blustery day!

Anonymous said...

Great costumes. I love it when children are allowed to express their creativity and personality in their costumes. And hey, we have that same two-headed axe thing - purchased on clearance at Target in 2006... :^)