Monday, October 22, 2007

To all my sushi-lovin' fans...

Just kidding. =)
In defense of my mom, she called me to tell me that she has tried sushi a couple of times. One of those was in Cancun- where I am fairly certain the sushi would be nice and fresh. She still didn't care for it. So I will give her credit for trying. =) We can't all love the same thing, otherwise the world would be a boring place, right?!
Speaking of trying...
My friend, Tom, keeps a blog and has a not-to-miss post on his site, "Patterns of Ink". He has a couple of video links within the post that I encourage you to check out- roughly 4 or 5 minutes long- but so worth your time. Feel free to leave him some feedback too. He even comments on your comments. =) Seriously. You will want to check out this post..."I needed this today". I loved it.

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Anonymous said...

were you ever able to check out the story of the hoyts that i sent you?
if that isn't inspiring- i don't know what is!