Monday, September 10, 2007

Life can be fun sometimes.

Friday I found myself tired and that usually takes the fun and spunk out of the way I see life. I had some obligations during the day, but then the afternoon slowed down a bit. The UPS guy dropped a package off just as I was deciding which spot to sit down in and curl up with one of my girls. What I got was a scrap layout back as well as a copy of Simple Scrapbooks' special issue "Scrapbook Play". One of my layouts was selected and so I got my layout back as well as a copy of the magazine.
I thought I'd post picture of me with know, just to show you that I do scrap from time to time. =) I had no idea I had the magazine upside-down when I took the picture. You think I planned it that way, but really I laughed when I clicked back to see it in my viewer. I have to say there are some great layouts and ideas in there for any of you who have never scrapped, or for some who might find themselves "stuck for ideas" at times. I am enjoying it and I plan to pull some pictures out and change up a few of the ideas I've already spotted that I want to try. Fun. My dad is in a part of one of the photos on my I think this is his proud moment in scrapbooking! Congrats on being 'published' Dad! =)
I found a few boxes of good things and surprises up in my attic yesterday. One item I'll share at a later time, but some of the memorable things were my baby book and this picture of me taken when I was in kindergarten. I had to post it along with pictures I took yesterday of Bella (who is the same age as me in my pic) and Ava...just because I caught her looking toward the camera AND grinning. I'm making progress with getting better pictures of her.
So, it's Monday and the start of another full week. I hope you find a few things each day that are "fun" in the midst of routine. If not...I challenge you to create some fun. And then tell me about it in the comments or via email. As far as I'm concerned, I believe there IS fun in nearly every just have to be willing to seek it! Have fun. =)


Heather said...

Hey Jody,
That picture with you holding the mag upside down is the best!! You're so proud of it!!
The girls look beautiful in those pictures!
Hope you're having a great day!!

Laura said...

i saw your page in there the other day!!! I said HEY THERES JODY! and my friend was like "Do you know her?" And I was like "YEAHHHH! Well - sort of. I read her blog every day and we email occasionally. . .its LIKE i know her, right????" anyway, super excited to see you published! the book is AMAZING! What fun!!!!

Michelle said...

Jodi you are soooo darn every single way shape and are my attitude idol!

and the pic of the mag upside down...bwahahahahaha! Loooove it!

fun in the norm? This is sucha challenge everyday for me considering I am a sahm but I WILL work on this one for sure!

Brittany said...

I love to take my kiddos to the park for some swinging and running around.. being goofy. Just an hour out of the day spent at the park can brighten everyones spirits. AND it's free, pure , clean fun...with a little exercise thrown in too!

Kairlotta said...

Congrats on being published in such an awesome mag! Cute photos. You continue to brighten my day Jody!

FlipFlop Mom said...

CONGRATS girl.. can't wait to see it!! I'll be sure an buy that one!!!