Monday, September 10, 2007

Isn't is crazy...

how much the price of groceries has gone up in just the past few weeks? Have you noticed this too? I just came from Meijer and shopped for my weekly groceries. Granted, my kids are growing bigger each day, but they don't account for the increased tab all that much. It's nothing earth-shattering or profound. It's more like a simple hit me when I went to buy Reddi-wip and the bigger can was $4.09. I couldn't bring myself to buy it. Even though I am the biggest supporter of whipped cream straight outta the can to create happiness in an instant.
I am almost ashamed to admit it...but I have my limits on how much happiness should cost. Looks like we'll be finding it in things other than Reddi-wip for awhile. Or we'll be saving it for special occasions.
But, if you know me by now, you can guess that I will turn something as simple as "Thursday" into a 'special occasion'. Time to start budgeting 'happiness' into our monthly grocery allowance, I guess. =)


JSM said...

Jody~ Just a quick "holla" to let you know I passed on your zucchini bread recipe to my Mom, who loved them and shared them with the neighbours who also wanted the recipe! Tell your Mom her batter is making it's way into Canada and the rest of world, so thanks for posting it for us on here! ;)
And my husband and I budget a "blow" fund for such occasions!

ATS said...

fun, multi-colored, lots of options, inexpensive happiness?


With fruit, in a fancy glass, in stripes ...

so much fun.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jody,

This summer Chris and I started shopping using
I have been impressed with the savings. About 50% off our grocery bill and almost a 100% savings in health and beauty. Our pantry is slowly looking nice and full. If you live in West Michigan, check it out. You can even use our #2717 and get 2 weeks free. It takes about a month to start seeing the real results.
Call or email me if you have questions.
Becky P.

Sherri P said...

Sam's Club here carried a 3 pack of the large RediWhip for $7-8. Sometimes they have the LandOLake brand, which my son CLAIMS doesn't taste as good, but that's only if he sees the can beforehand!

Anonymous said...

I also went shopping to Meijers yesterday.... I spent $28.51 on 1/2 of the weeks groceries for my family of 4... This week I saved $38.41.... Yes, thats correct I saved more than I spent. It seriously felt better than opening gifts on christmas to save more than I spent.

I use a system I have created (pobably similar to savings angel, which is going to cost you $ to use)... I get the Grand Rapids press on Sunday to get the coupons... then I sit down and go through Meijer, Family Fare, D&W, Target & the drug store ads, As I go through the ads I am going through my coupons (present & past weeks)... I match up what is on sale to the coupon... whatever is on sale that week is what we are having for that weeks meals. Cereal is the one where I usually save the most money.

I have 3 coupon organizers set up in 3 diferent sections... Food, Houshold items, Health & Beauty Products.... all the coupons have their specific place so finding them is easy (I take ALL of my coupons shopping with me).

Anyway if you are looking for savings on the grocery bill. Buy the Sunday Paper... I have been using my system for the past month and Hubby is wondering how we can eat so well for as cheap as we do, plus my pantry which used to be bare is now completely full and for far less than I used to spend.

I go grocery shopping when my oldest is in school, so I don't get the "buy me this or that's"

As for the Redi Whip... Aldi's has colored stuff (their brand) in the big can for cheap.... it's Ok to splurge on stuff like that... for $4-5 you can not buy those type of memories. Keep buying the Redi Whip ..

I used to hate going to the grocery store, now I LOVE it.. I can hardly wait to see how much I saved.

Cara said...

i balked AT the checkout station this week when i noticed the total jump up nearly $11 with ONE jar of "natural, homemade" marinara sauce! NO WAY! i put it back and got another organic bottle for less than $4!

Tara said...

I joined Costco just for the milk! It is $4.29 for Kemps Hormone Free milk at Cub or Coborns and only $2.65 at Costco for their Hormone Free milk!
Since we go through a gallon a day, I think I have already saved above and beyond the membership fee!

Anonymous said...

As a dairy farmers wife I found your post today to be interesting and had to read the comments. You might be more willing to pay for that RediWhip for your enjoyment knowing that right now dairy farmers are getting paid a decent amount of money for the milk that is produced on their farms. Last year we were getting paid the same price as in the 80's and you know tractors and feed aren't costing the same as back then. Tara ~ all cows have natural hormones that help produce the milk you buy for your family. There really isn't such as thing as hormone free milk. It is just a marketing gimic.

Robyn said...

Groceries have gone up a ton in our area! I've noticed a huge difference in the past 2 months. I'm spending about 40.00 more a week for the same stuff! URGH!

but I agree, whipped cream = canned happiness!