Sunday, September 02, 2007

Guess who's going 'back to school'?

If you answered me to the title of this post, you're right! Most of my family and friends don't even know about this next adventure in my life- it all happened rather suddenly. Or at least it wasn't something that I had been considering.
I made this little notebook for myself- notice the word "learn" on the cover. I am hoping to learn a thing or two...but the truth is I will be teaching high school students. As if I need more 'drama' in my life, right?! =) Really, I am excited to be able to use some of my creative gifts and also be involved with the people at my childrens' school. We have them enrolled at a small, private school and I am anxious to get to know some of the team that teaches and guides my kids' learning and education. I will be working alongside another teacher- we are sharing the hours so I will be there 3 afternoons a week. I will be overseeing the Yearbook class- which is an elective for the students who are in it- and I am hoping to be a valuable tool/resource to help guide and direct the layout, creative design and content.
I know I've said it before, but this time I really mean it. =) If I suddenly start posting sparatically or less frequently, it's not for lack of material...but rather the 'overflow' of life and me trying to balance and prioritize the things that matter most. Not that my blog doesn't 'matter' to me, but rather a blog will wait...when other things won't or simply can't. So, wish me luck...or maybe you should wish the students and administrators luck as they take me on as part of their weekly routine. =) I think it's going to end up being a fun learning experience for all involved.
Now....does anyone out here in Nitty.Gritty.Land. have some great tips/ideas for how I can increase the advertising sales for a school yearbook? I could use your links or expertise. I'll bet there are a few 'sales-driven' to share? =)
Have a safe and happy Labor Day tomorrow. I plan on sleeping in for the last time this summer. Why would I want to waste a good extra hour or two of sleep?!! I know I'll thank myself early Tuesday morning.


halfbakedscrapartist said...


I am thrilled for you and for those kids who are getting such a creative and caring influence in their lives....sorry, I'm not much of a salesperson......but I know you'll come up with some creative sales pitch! I will be praying as you work at balancing all that you're involved in....the balancing act can be challenging, but I truly believe that your kids (girls especially) will learn invaluable things from seeing you pursuing your own interests.


sonja said...

Wow!!! What an exciting adventure (no pun intended, you know "adventure" okay, that was lame). Anyway, you will love working with those kids! They are so funny and real, it will be great for everyone. My host teacher was yearbook advisor for a number of years so I'll ask her for tricks of the trade (I can put you in contact with her if you like, let me know). Get lots of rest and enjoy yourself:) Sonja

Traci Wren said...

Jody--I have found encouragement in your latest posts. I too am returning to school this week...both as a substitute teacher at my kid's school and as a graduate student. I have been a sub for the last 2 years but they have never needed me quite so early in the year!!! However, as my husband has playfully reminded me...I haven't been a student in, dare I say it...16 years. I am returning to school to get my degree to teach elementary school. With these changes to our family schedule, I am finding myself very overwhelmed. When I read about your new endeavors, I am encouraged that other mothers have a crazy schedule and manage just fine! Also, when you said---if you are experiencing stress in your life put one or 2 pressing things on hold and create a moment or 2 of joy. I think I will take that advice--there is so much joy to be found with our families everyday. Seriously... Thank you for the reminder...and I will also be sleeping in for the last time tomorrow!!!

Good Luck to you--I hope you enjoy your new adventure!

Traci in Va/generally just a lurker.

kari said...

Congratulations! I'm sure you will be a great teacher and the kids will benefit from your creativity and kindness. Sorry I don't have any sales tips for you. Good luck!

CrazyMommyOf3 said...

I'm sure that this tip isn't earth shattering, but when I was in high school (very small private CAtholic school), I raised funds for the year book and the senior play by contacting alumni business members. In our small town, you pretty much knew which business owners were alum and which weren't. I kept the ads at a fairly low rate -- $25 1/8 page, $50 1/4 page, etc. Also, I think that they're a lot more likely to pledge money if its actually a student who calls and asks, rather than an adult. It also gives the kids a chance to learn how to develop their phone skills and power of persuasion!!!

Anonymous said...

the yearbook class!! you should have no problems with that class, cause it sounds like an enjoyable class. my school doesn't have a yearbook class, we only have a yearbook club.

for my school, it's mandatory to purchase a yearbook. there is a fee we pay in the beginning of the school year which includes stuff like school planner, gym uniform, yearbook..etc.

good luck Jody!! you'll have lots of fun...


Anonymous said...

congrats jody!
those lucky kids!
i enjoyed sleeping in today, too.
praise and prayers for a great school
from a fellow teacher,

*reyanna* said...

I was on the yearbook staff when I was in high school, and our advisor made us (the students) go out and sell the ads. I guess businesses have a more difficult time saying no to teen-aged girls. LOL. :D Good luck!

Bridget said...

Congratulations, Jody! I think you were meant to have this position, and the kids will really love you. Good luck!

Bridget in Meraux, LA

lize said...

I'm excited for you and thrilled for the kids! your just what they need ... a caring,loving God-centered person. My prayers are with you.

sorry no hint about the ad's :9

Anonymous said...

I am so excited for you! I will keep you in my prayers, b/c I know you have a lot going on! I will pray that you will feel like you are "on top of it all!" I know your kids are glad that you will be at their school too! How exciting! Good Luck! Love-Erika Allison

Anonymous said...

Not sure if you already do this in your yearbook, but at our high school the senior parents bought ads and then made them tribute ads to their seniors, with family pictures, childhood pictures, well wishes for college, etc. It was part of the advertising section along with other ads for local businesses.